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  1. Also most power inverters are not good for your battery. There are high end inverters that don't affect your battery. You should also try the same inverter in a different vehicle.
  2. What kind of vehicle? I think it might be something to do with your alternator or battery not able to provide the amount of electricity you are trying to draw.
  3. Has anyone set the dip switches to autostart randomroll? If not is there another way randomroll could be started wirelessly via ssh?
  4. Is a way I can connect my GS3 to my pineapple via usb and log into the web UI? If not then can I log into the web UI via wlan1? Thanks.
  5. Let us know when the servers are back up prease.
  6. Thank you thesugarat, I will check and see if I am on the latest firmware. I go into the infusion I check off the rolls apply the rolls and then start random roll, but I still get the right webpage instead of the roll. Thanks for being so fast. This forum is great because of all the dedicated people like yourself helping us noobs. Cheers, e5iw
  7. First I would like to say thank you to the wifi pineapple crew for their efforts. This forum is great. I am also having issues with some of the infusions. The randomroll infusion worked a two times and now it just forwards to the real site. Is randomroll broken? I just received my pineapple yesterday and the sd card was bunk and had to unbrick it from the get go so I hope that reflashing the factory image is not the answer. Randomroll doesn't work for me on ipad(used chrome and safari), xubuntu(used firefox and chromium), macbook(safari,chrome), galaxy s3(android browser). Helpzos pleaz
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