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  1. I will be using my laptop with the survey software on. The Pineapple will act as a signal source where we are working out where best to place access points before we run cables. Hence needing it running in AP mode and on battery FYI I usually run Site Survey from http://www.ekahau.com/ with a WiSpy DBx from Mettageek and an Alfa USB wireless card or Netspot on my Macbook depending on the job
  2. Background As part of my day job I sometimes have to do a site surveys for new Wifi installs. Usually we put in a few demo AP's and walk about with a ekahau heatmapper or site survey to map the signal around the building to give us an idea on the best place to place the new AP's. My Plan I would like to use my Pineapple with a battery pack as sometimes power points are not available in the areas we are testing. (next month I have to survey a cold store warehouse for new wireless for handheld wireless data collection units) and it has now power sockets at the moment I don't want to have to login to my Pineapple and reconfigure it the odd times I do this so I wanted to setup a Dip Switch to set the ESSID on wlan0 to SURVEY or something My Problem I have to following set in dip switch 3 in boot options but it isn't working iwconfig wlan0 key open; iwconfig wlan0 mode master; iwconfig essid SURVEY; iwconfig channel 6 What I have done I have connected to my pineapple over ssh to test the commands and I suspect the iwconfig to be a problem as when I run commands such as iwconfig wlan0 essid SURVEY I get the error Error for wireless request "Set ESSID" (8B1A) : SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported. Other errors iwconfig wlan0 key open Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) : SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported. iwconfig wlan0 mode master Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument. I am not a linux guru but I do understand the basics. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is there a listing of settings people have used on the dip switches other than those here http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/DIP_Switches and the few that are on the forum ? Thank you
  3. I will tell you now that this DOES NOT WORK cost me a new pineapple after I plugged the wrong USB cable and smoke started to poor out the CPU gets very hot very quickly... It was late I was tired and I should not have done it I know My new pineapple has its USB port taped up to remind me not to be a numpty again
  4. Thanks I redid the unbricking procedure, this time I left the SD card out of the slot for the procedure and reboot. My pineapple is now up and running....
  5. Hi I thought I would add to this thread, I am having the same issue with my new replacement pineapple (last one was fried after a wetware issue and a usb battery pack). I have a flashing amber light and a solid green. Steps taken so far I have changed the SD card for another Formatted and re downloaded the upgrade.bin md5 files both 1.1 and 1.04 Performed the bricked reflash procedure No luck I can see the pineapple via ssh but this is only the MK5 Stager shell Would love to get this working as I need to use it in a demo next week....
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