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  1. I tried it several more times and it always works with the default code. Copied it to other sd cards, still works. I think it's the more complicated code that requires variable inputs that messes it up. I finally did get a few other payloads to work but they don't work always as described. Because I don't know where to put in the values that I should. Like the one for the screen capture prank- instead of copying the desktop it copies the blank white background of Paint MS. Like if I have to specify what drive to put it on or the name of something. I'm not sure why I'd have to put in anything for a simple "copy from computer to this USB drive" program.
  2. Hi, I just got this rubber ducky. I have watched all the videos and read about a dozen topics and I don't see a single video showing someone dragging and dropping a payload onto the usb and booting it. Not one. But that's exactly what Darren says you can do to get this up and running. I used the generator, put together something- nothing. So, I decided to do a custom script, simple code: DELAY 3000 GUI R DELAY 200 STRING notepad ENTER DELAY 200 STRING Hello World!!! ENTER This should be simple enough? Doesn't require directories or anything. Still nothing. The only thing I haven't done is drop this in using Linux. But why the heck would I have to boot up linux just to drop this inject file on the drive?? What am I missing. Ugh. So frustrated. I've tried it on 2 machines now as well. This should be straight forward. Use generator, create code, drag on sd card. Well- okay, maybe my drive is too large? Is that possible? I moved the binary inject file to a 16GB card? Don't see why that would hurt though. If I'm copying target computer files I want space? And even if I get this up and running, I still have another question. In the generator.. it says "usb name: (ducky)" _______ ? If we're suppose to name it ducky to go along with various pre-written code.. why would it ask the question? And, is the answer just written in normal format or is it like, "/ducky", does lower-case matter, etc? Because at first when I did a more complicated script I thought this was going to be the problem. Heeeelp! Thanks, Morgan
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