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  1. Hi Darren, I did already. On 3/3/2014 at 10:47p, email sent to shop@hak5 and darren@hak5. Regards, Eugene
  2. I don't have a microSD card reader and I'm not looking forward to purchasing one to check if files are on it or to purchase another microSD to replace the one that should work. The unit is new out of the box, I would want to assume the files are on it and have the proper files. Took a look at the video...no help as their newly unboxed unit worked right out of the box w/out the need to troubleshoot a new item.
  3. Just got my device today. Popped card in first, turned on, waited, plugged in ethernet, tried to hit URL, no page loads, pings fine. Solid Green, blinking yellow. Doesn't get past that. Tried to unplug unit and try again after a few hours. still no results. Anyone else experience the same?
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