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  1. Dont know if any one has come accross this yet but looking to use this on the pinapple as soon as it arrives. Credits out to zaoChunsheng and the orignal post can be found below WPSPIN.sh is the linux version of the tool taken by the working group www.lampiweb.com. It uses various algorithms have more details in the readme and below. WPSPIN mode incorporates "Essid unknown" to FTE (automatically activated, will display three pins) Its use and implementation are simple, they will have to cut and paste data from your window airopdump-ng, wash, walsh, wireshark etc ... You can obtain the default PIN (3 if essid is changed FTE) of routeurs directly affected and you can try your luck with reaver. To do this you must have activated mon0 in monitor mode (which means having installed aircrack-ng) and reaver wps course. Having a version with option "- p" functional revaer reaver 1.3 or 1.4 FIX 113) Note that the script will return the PIN obtained by applying the algorithm "zaoChunsheng" for any unsupported or unknown router ... Perhaps you are lucky! They have integrated generic wire pins Patterns of PINs for WPA The work is based on several algorithms that could be divided into two categories, as regards HUAWEI HG532c with essid FTE-XXX (knowing the way essid essid or unknown) and "other". (A few BSSID list and models supported is very lejo from exhaustive) As you can see from the list of supported bssid, we have a Chinese brand routeur "tenda" with essid unknown. If I give credits zaoChunsheng should give them to colleagues also: HG566 Compote vodafoneXXX, Maripuri (and Zeiffel went around erca ) In telnet Wlan_XXX, Dirneet in tenda and Zyxel Found the algorithm beklin-XXXX and FTE FTE unknown mode has been changed so it's hard to say the group was working Crack-wifi.com Antares_145 wrote him checksum function in bash, generation and testing. Merci l'ami. With the function and our compilation scripts in our forum 1camarĂ³n1 linux've had everything under the hand to do it. This finding is somewhat intriguing. That one manufacturer uses two algorithms close in two different models routers means ... And even if you use the same for several models, also conceived. But encountering the same algorithm in a multinational China (huawei) and other U.S. (Beklin) seems like a joke. WPSPIN: http://ubuntuone.com/50hTnKWl9tyG5gkm74e05j WPSPIN (Xubuntu / Ubuntu) http://ubuntuone.com/5v4LkZZU0cBodulojZrRvq -------------------------------------------------- - Manufacturer> HUAWEI essid> FTE-XXXX model> HG532c "Echo Life" -------------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 04:C0:6F 20:2B:C1 28:5FB 80:B6:86 84:A8:E4 B4:74:9F BC:76:70 CC:96:A0 -------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> HUAWEI essid> vodafoneXXXX model> HG566a -------------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 5C:4C:A9: 62:A8:E4: 62:C0:6F: 62:C6:1F: 6A:55:9C: 6A:C7:14: 72:C0:6F: 72:C7:14: 72:E8:7B: -------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> Belkin essid> Belkin_N + _XXXXXX model> F5D8235-4 v 1000 -------------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 00:22:75: -------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> Belkin essid> belkin.XXX model> F9K1104 (N900 DB Wireless N + Router) -------------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 08:86:3B: -------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> Belkin essid> belkin.XXX model> F5D8231-4 ver. 5000 -------------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 00:1CF -------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> Teldat essid> WLAN_XXXX essid> WLAN_XX model> iRouter1104-W -------------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 00:A0:B6: -------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> Zyxel essid> ZyXEL model> ZyXEL NBG-419N -------------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 50:57:F0: ------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> Tenda essid>? model> W309R ------------------------------------------------- Supported bssid C8:3A:35: NEW! They have integrated generic wire pins http://lampiweb.com/foro/index.php/topic, 8188.0.html ROUTERS MODELS WITH GENERIC INTEGRATED PINS ----------------------------------------------- Fagricante> NOTES TELECOM essid> WLAN_XXXX model> AW4062 ----------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 00:19:15 ----------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> ZYXELL essid> WLAN_XXXX model> P-870HW-51A V2 ----------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 40:4A:03: ----------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> OEM Shenzhen Electronics Gongjin essid> WLAN_XXXX Model> Encore ENDSL-4R5G ----------------------------------------------- Supported bssid F4: 3E: 61: 00:1F:A4: ----------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> Comtrend essid> JAZZTELL_XXXX Model> AR-5387un ----------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 38:72:C0: ----------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> ADB-Broadband essid> WLAN_XXXX model> PDG-A4001N ----------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 30:39:F2: DC:0B:1A: ----------------------------------------------- Manufacturer> Comtrend essid> WLAN_XXXX model> Gigabit 802.11n ----------------------------------------------- Supported bssid 00:1A:2B: Source of Original Thread: http://xiaopan.co/forums/threads/wpspin-for-fte-xxxx-vodafonexxxx-belkin-wlan_xxxx.3060/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IQRsDh4ljuo#t=0 DOWNLOAD = http://www.sendspace.com/file/0e000l
  2. Hi guys Im new to the forum just ordered my self the new wifi pinapple :) Just a quick question i have a very good understanding with Kali been using it for some time now and been following backtrack for more years than i can reamber. The question is do i take it this fusion now works with both Reaver & Bully ??? Many thanks
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