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  1. Hi thesugaratyea seams to work just fine if i ssh into it, problem is i need it to be runnning it when im not in the office, iv tried flashing it bought a new SD card but still no luck i know you can use Screen to resume the session but thats not what i want :( any way hope this gets sorted soon as Bully seams to do a much better job. many thanks Raz0r
  2. Hi buddy Thanks for the update, i have bought a new SD card and formatted it using my pinapple, Reaver loads the logs fine as you can see in the pictures, bully will not get past 63.5KB or 64.00KB http://share.pho.to/5J0sN I load WPS scan for the AP disable wlan1 start monitor mode put the settings -v 3 chose mon0 and make sure autorefresh is @ 1sec and on it then runs for a bit then wont get any further. Bully also says loading interface and at the bottom there is a X and it wont let you view the log as shown in the picture Reaver on the other hand works 100% just not Bully im currentley pulling my hair out with this issue lol Regards Raz0r
  3. Went and bought a new SD card that isnt the problem i understand Reaver logs are saved in /usr/local/etc/reaver/ bully is saved in /root/.bully are there Symbolic links to both of these locations, i have these now on my new SD card but dont see a Symbolic link to /root/.bully ?? i have now got two friends of mine taken a look at this any more info would be great :) Thanks Raz0r
  4. Many thanks for the update buddy as this was the reason I bought my pineapple due to the fact I couldn't leave my laptop in the office all the time as I need it , many thanks and keep up the good work , I'm starting to believe it could have something to do with the sd card as its only showing 834 meg and its a 2gb card formatted and still the same fat32, I also tried installing everything on pineapple but still no joy as I said befor reaver works fine just bully not being able to view the logs and stopping after 63.5kb any way hope it gets sorted buddy and thanks again :) raz0r
  5. Hi Whistle MasterAny news how to try and sort this buddy ? Raz0r
  6. The log its self is fine buddy but on the infusion its only going so far and then stops !! By the way i had to SSH into my pinapple to be able to get that log http://www.sendspace.com/file/32ck31 Raz0r
  7. @ Aprex make sure you turn auto refresh on m8 it does work it just seams the log only saves 63.00KB or 63.5KB where reaver saves the log no problem Raz0r
  8. Right totally reinstalled everything reflashed and formated the SD card still the same problem Reaver is fine but the log for bully gets stuck @ 63.0KB or 63.5KB the infusion i have installed this time round are on the device and not on the SD card. I have also attached two pictures one showing that its stuck and the other when i go to look at the log for bully clicking download. http://share.pho.to/5CLKg Kind Regards Raz0r
  9. Whistle Master just to let you know when using bully the log gets stuck at 63.5 KB then stops so you have to stop and start bully , also when you go to view the log pressing download it just says Loading with a X undernether and never displays Regards Raz0r
  10. Luv you man all up and running and wlan0 isnt going down happy days Regards Raz0r
  11. Many thanks for this Whistle Master top man :) Raz0r
  12. Ok shall do thanks for the info i shall take a look :) Many thanks for the prompt reply Raz0r
  13. Tried with screen still doesnt work like it does on my ipad it dosnt resume the session , on my ipad as soon as i go to terminal screen loads now logging into my pinapple i would expect to see screen first but thats not the case i can load it by typing screen in the terminal then it loads but it doesnt resume any idears people ?? Raz0r
  14. Nice screen is the resume session i have that on my ipad and iphone ill give it a go thanks for the info :) Still have to use the cable though as wlan0 and wlan1 have gone down so no wireless access
  15. I was using ssh to log in but say if i have to take my laptop out the office then come back how can i then cancel it then resume the session ?? also i have noticed the log function isnt working with bully :( god i wish i hadent updated it what a muppit !!!!
  16. They still work ok its just the fact it shuts wlan0 down to so the only way i can get back into it is if i use the cable thats no good to me cos i cant connect to it wirelessley :(
  17. Is there any way to get the old version back ??
  18. Please tell me how to get the old version of WPS !! Regards Raz0r
  19. @ dustbyterScan with wlan1 after you see YOUR ROUTER DISPLAYED click stop then start monitor. Chose Reaver or Bully and chose the monitor bit in the settings Then make sure -vv with reaver is running or -v 3 with bully Then keep auto refresh on at 1 sec then you can see whats happening Regards Raz0r
  20. thesugarat i totally agree fella i have the same problem i found before that i could stop wlan1 and still have access to my pinapple without haveing to use the ethernet net cable please can you change this Whistlemaster so wlan0 doesnt switch offMany thanks Raz0r
  21. I have these http://hackerwarehouse.com/product/7dbi-directional-panel-antenna/ http://www.aliexpress.com/item/150MbpsHigh-Power-ALFA-AWUS036H-1000MW-WIFI-USB-Adapter-5DB-Antenna-Ralink-3070-Chipset-Free-Shipping-Dropshipping/691395970.html http://www.nierle.com/en/article/12765/Alfa_WiFi_2.4_GHz_9dBi_antenna_RP-SMA_connector,_Black.html Just thought the amp would be a great idea :) By the way the 9DB Sucks wate of money if you ask me !!
  22. Im currentley in the UK at the moment i have a few diffrent antennas like the 7DB and 9DB but i find the 5DB just as good thought it may be a good idea to use an amplifer. Thanks Smarty ill take a look just was hopeing someone could give me an insight on this, Regards Raz0r
  23. Also noticed when it cracks an AP it does not stay there on the screen even though the refresh is set to 1 sec. so you need to check the log !! what should happen is that it stays on the screen surley like it does on Kali ?? Also found two AP's stuck with Reaver @ 99.99% BtHub4-XXXX can anyone help here i havent dectected a lockout Regards Raz0r
  24. Hi all Can someone suggest to me the best amp for the markV i have adaptors at hand. What i would like to know is can someone suggest the ones to get. ? Also would this work ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/5W-WiFi-37dBm-Wireless-Broadband-Amplifier-2-4GHz-Router-Signal-Booster-/151043574298 Many thanks Raz0r
  25. Just a quick question is anyone one else haveing problems with Bully not working. ?? It starts but does nothing i got the log set to one sec but noting happens Reaver works fine also wlan0 associates with the AP's no problem not as good signal where wlan1 has great signal but never associates with the same target .. hopefully someone can help me here as its driving me nutz. PS on the latest firmware Many thanks
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