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  1. Hi Havent tested it but take a look at this https://github.com/poliva/random-scripts/blob/master/wifi/hotspot-bypass.sh Regards Raz0r
  2. Not to sure about you lot but since they updated aircrack-ng suite its broken soooooo many things that i frequentley use its crazy, but i managed to find a work around thank god i back Kali up here is what i do. apt-get update echo "aircrack-ng hold"|dpkg --set-selections apt-get dist-upgrade Hope this helps you guys out Kind Regards Ed
  3. If your after something small you shold take a look at this, its what i use for Kali http://www.solid-run.com/product/cubox-i4pro/
  4. Fallen Archangel havent come accross Autopixie many thanks
  5. I know this is off topic but its strange how wifite.py works and finds WPS but wifite-ng does not just been testing it now. http://postimg.org/image/gs1g1344n/ http://postimg.org/image/a7cs4svmt/
  7. Great work Datahead its working nicely :) Keep it up fella
  8. with the reboot all working gonna test it now many thanks :)
  9. I got a bit further but there is no Xterm in the repo. http://tinypic.com/r/2hf6hxi/8
  10. :( root@Pineapple:/sd# chmod 777 reaver_r113-1_ar71xx.ipk root@Pineapple:/sd# opkg install reaver_r113-1_ar71xx.ipk Installing reaver (r113-1) to root... Collected errors: * opkg_install_pkg: Package reaver md5sum mismatch. Either the opkg or the package index are corrupt. Try 'opkg update'. * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package reaver.
  11. Please can someone make this into an infusion http://lampiweb.com/foro/index.php/topic,13726.0.html?PHPSESSID=3f38314583e02ad92aebba11cc9f68ff https://github.com/wiire/pixiewps https://github.com/t6x/reaver-wps-fork-t6x
  12. Intresting idea you would use the NMEA 0183 for the Lat & Long
  13. @ Seb Hi buddy just noticed using karma i blacklisted my mac, was playing around with my pineapple went to take it off blacklist it said it had but i was still blacklisted and had to use a diffrent computer to factory reset it as i couldnt remove my mac Regards Raz0r
  14. my fault i didn't clear my cache sorry Raz0r
  15. can you put the scroll bar like they have in pineap and network infusions ??
  16. i cant see the scroll bar in Firefox but i can in chrome :(
  17. I do not use chrome i only use firefox but its also the same with IE its also the same with WPS
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