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  1. I just had to plug in my phone. Galaxy S2 Epic Touch 4G on Adroid 4.0.4.
  2. Turns out it was physical damage to the phone. This cause it to send juice out the charging port, as well as in a loop. It temporarily scrambled the Pineapple's brain, but some down time seems to have the Pineapple working correctly.
  3. My Pineapple Mk5 has been working flawlessly since I got it a week or so ago, until today. I have used my pineapple tethered to my android phone before without any problems. I was using it like this again today for about 15 minutes or maybe longer without a hitch when suddenly I lost connection to my phone. I checked my phone and it showed no device was connected. Shortly after this I unplugged my android phone and it gave me a message that stated, "Charging paused, voltage too high." It continued to do this without being plugged in until I left the battery out for 10+ minutes. I tried tethering to another phone and it said no device was connected. I have tried tethering several times since then and no phone will show a connected device. I have rebooted, reset, and reflashed the pineapple without any change. Also, I always get that strange charging message after unplugging my phone from the pineapple (with 2 different batteries even). Everything else seems to be working, just the USB port is giving me problems. Has anyone else seen anything like this? I suspect something failed mechanically, but If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to read them. Thanks!
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