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  1. Thank you, everything is clear now.
  2. Hello, I would like to get some clarification regarding a future update (FW 1.2) starting from version 1.0. Is this possible without causing a malfunction? Or do we have to go through the 1.1 update before 1.2 ? Thank you for your future answers.
  3. Thank you for your advice and reply. I'll be waiting for the patch or the official update.
  4. I don't have plugged off the Bunny during recovery or installation, and yes, i could login with serial in arming mod. Edit: This is interesting, the bunny_framework file seems to have been erased ... I notice that even after a complete restoration with the original firmware, the situation does not work out. The file is always missing, precisely the following path: usr/local/bunny/bin/bunny_framework. Would there be a solution to put it all back together?
  5. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I find myself at the same point as previously mentioned: still no access to the file bunny_framework, no folders created during restoration, finally no switchs works, this in FW 1.0 ...
  6. Hello qdba, Unfortunately the worst happened. So I went to / usr / local / bunny / bin / bunny_framework. Then I modified the bunny_framework file with nano. As you specified, i completed the command hop with a &, resulting hop & (). As a result, switchs 1 and 2 no longer work. The .deb file installation in the tools file, either. So i ran a factory reset, then an update with firmware 1.1. Unfortunately, no more files are installed ("docs", "languages", etc.). I went back to / usr / local / bunny / bin /, but I can not go further than / usr / local / because the file "bunny" seems to be no longer existing ... I am currently a little lost. I hope you will be able to give me valuable help. Thank you very much.
  7. Epoc

    Violation of CoC

    Here's what you're looking for :
  8. Hello Sh4d0wm4n, Your script is great, thank you ! But, unfortunately, the link with your modified invoke-mimikatz.ps1 (renamed md.ps1), isn't available anymore... Could you, please, reupload it again ? Thanks a lot !
  9. Thank you very much for the answer ! However, i found that the most of applications contained in the packet of Mr Grays are outdated. For example, the latest version of PasswordFox app of Nirsoft's site have the abilities to detecting passwords on a machine running Windows 7 64bit, unlike the first app in the original package. That's all, and thank you again for this wonderful work !
  10. Thanks for all your great work Lavanoid ! About your question on the first page, "I've been looking around the duck forums and found this payload (https://forums.hak5....r-rubber-ducky/), I think its a really cool payload since it seems to support a wider range of programs that can be backed up - However, that being said; It doesn't support XP, neither does it have many precautions of avoiding AV, so - Do you prefer this payload or the Mr Grays payload?" I would like to believe in the creation of a fusion with your ducky script and the Mr Grays payload's script. For my opinon, it's a great combination if it's possible !
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