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  1. Thanks for the reply guys. I talked to him and he said he would pay for it.
  2. Today, I was showing my friend how the USB Rubber Ducky works. I had a simple payload that shuts down a Mac through terminal on the SD. After demonstrating it on my Mac, I decided to plug it in to his for two reasons. 1. To make sure it worked on multiple Macs 2. To mess with him. I plugged it in, and when he saw, he ripped it out of the port, popping it out of its case, and slightly bending it at the connection head. When I plug it in, the LED light does not turn on, and the payload does not run. Any suggestions?
  3. I was wondering, is there a possibility that I can learn how to use this to its max potential, or should I just give up?
  4. Thanks for the reply Sebkinne. I will try to update it again. :)
  5. When I check for updates in the Pineapple Bar, it shows me there is one for Karma but when I click "Update This Infusion", it doesn't do anything. I have done multiple factory resets. The other updates seem to be working fine. Any suggestions?
  6. Nice script, but I think it would be cool if you combined this script with one that would disconnect the Android phone from the current network it was on, then added the new connection.
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