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  1. thank you VERY much. So I have another quick q.. I want to set dip switches so that i get on boot, the following sequence: Starts wlan1 Starts wlan0 Bridges them as can be done in wi-fi manager Thats config 1. Now the next one question is more straight fwd - i see the wp5.sh script is just using a load of variables to put into some commands to do the config. How best could I cut that down to a script that only ever asked me for internet default gateway, since if i was in connecting to public wi-fi on my mac, this would be the only variable that ever changed, the rest always stays constant. thanks in advance - i am a bit of n00b as u can tell.
  2. Hey there folks.. Just got the pineapple fired up and capturing using a honeypot... Any ideas how i write the output of tcpdump to the mounted SD card in the unit?
  3. Depends how you do it - I used wi-fi manager infusion to bridge wlan1 and wlan0, wlan1 being in client mode and wlan0 being the AP. I initially ran a tcp-dump on br-lan and yes i got the data. I then ran it on wlan1 and also got what i wanted. I couldn't run it on wlan0 because it complained of "no interface"
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