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  1. That worked out quite well. I used Ubuntu for Windows to get a Linux terminal and compiled the code. For reference I've had to edit it slightly as the app im cracking closes after every failed attempt so im running the below snippet instead to loop the reopening of the app after every attempt. I have noticed that background interrupts on Windows cause this to go out of sequence (and my actual Ducky as well) and instead the key strokes start triggering other apps to launch to the point of a system hangs and needs a force shutdown. This happens quite a lot on Windows and i suppose its
  2. That worked very well for generating the code, although as you said it does take some time to execute and build. Its over 80mb. I've had to throttle the delay at 35, otherwise im getting mistypes waiting for the GUI to catch up. I've also shortened the path to the exe file to trim down the timing. At this rate it will take up to 4 days to crack the code which isn't too bad. I would appreciate advice from anyone regarding speeding up this process. My ducky has never been flashed so i don't know if that changes anything. Its running the original firmware from around 2011 or around tha
  3. Unfortunately for me i haven't got a clue how to write or compile c. I wouldn't know where to start.
  4. Hey guys and gals. I need to crack a password for a very very old piece of software (its over 20 years old at this stage and the dev is no longer supporting it). Pretty sure it was developed in Windows 98. The software gets activated with a 6 digit number. The apps way around brute force is to shut down the app after every failed attempt. This is the code i need to loop... 1 million times (with the second string increasing by 1 digit every time) 😂. GUI r DELAY 100 STRING C:\app\software\app.exe ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING 000001 ENTER ENTER What's would be the fastest way for me
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