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  1. I don't have a serial cable sadly :/ I shall contact the jak shop and explain the situation thank you both :)
  2. Hey all. My pineapple has not worked for a little while now and i have been ill and focusing on my exams so i didn't have time to focus on tech ( its past the 90 day exchange and i cant afford to purchase another one so i need it to work :/ ) but basically when i plug it in via a socket, usb or pineapple juice battery pack it doesn't do anything but it gets extremely hot extremely quick :/ can anybody help me with this problem all help welcome. thank you all :)
  3. Nothing what so ever i have tried using mains and battery packs :/ i left it for a while hoping to see lights but nothing at all happened
  4. I have had my pineapple for about a week and a half and it was working fine and now it wont boot up at all please help me :(
  5. Much obliged Seb thanks for the good work with the MK V :)
  6. Hey guys I have just opened my 1800 pineapple juice and it claimed it to be an adaptable charger but its not....help
  7. That sounds about right... I have just been through the wireshark logs to find the connection as well so I can do a bit of digging :) thank you for your help
  8. I was connected to the internet via the pineapple so it wasn't that a client couldn't reach the internet and I was using Karma so I don't know who the client was :/ I'm guessing it means that the url doesn't exist?
  9. I was using Karma and sslstrip today and when I checked the sslstrip log I got this message: ....Can someone please tell me what it means?
  10. Hey guys I live in Britain and I got permission to test the pineapple in a subway the only problem was it wouldn't connect due to the splash page they have on their wifi. Can anyone help me get past this problem please? Thank you
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