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  1. I lost mine too and replaced it with this: http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?x=17&y=13〈=en&site=us&KeyWords=839-1018-nd Works great!
  2. Not sure how this will be received by the H5 folks but I want to share a few things. As of this writing, the store is sold out of Mark IV usb power cords. After loosing mine I did some digging, found a replacement, and have tested\used it with no issues (and it is a couple feet longer than the original). Digi-Key Corporation - part number 839-1018-ND - sells for about $5 Also, you might find the pelican case that ships with the ultimate kit to be a bit too small for fitting all the goodies you want to carry. Ironically, my original ultimate kit was stolen so I had the opportunity to repurchase. I got another Mark IV and a few other toys but opted for the pelican 1060 (next size up). It still fits in my backpack but with a little more extra room inside eBay - $26 - anxo
  3. I run pen test gigs from my Mac Pro (i5 8G RAM) and regularly use '3 radios' simultaneously. 1) Mac's built in for nmap scanning, 2)vm-kali-usb wifi radio for aircrack-ng, 3)vm-windoze-pineapple-karma. It does slow things down quite a bit but saves a ton of time when onsite.
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