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  1. Ya I thought piratebox's just allow people to connect to the box within a certain distance because it's wifi. I want so people even not a wifi can still access files
  2. Ya I know, but there's not way for anyone else to access the files unless they are connected to your wifi. OK, thanks
  3. What I was trying to say is access the directory files in the www/ folder, on another network. Like my pineapple is set up over wifi, I can access my files on my wifi but cannot view them on my LAN connected MAC.
  4. Is there anyway you can host files on the pineapple so they can be accessed while not on the network?
  5. I have emailed hak5 shop 3 times now about a package that was sent to me, but was sent back to hak5 because I was away for work. No one has emailed me back about this matter :(
  6. I am on Windows 7 The browser I am currently using is Google Chrome and Firefox, cached was cleared. I connecting over wifi with MV5 There is no firewall active I can still SSH into the root directory (upload/view files). It's still broadcasting the karma SSID, all LED lights are [ON] but I cannot log onto the webUI? Why?
  7. This seems like a noob question, but I never had this problem. I have never had this happen but I cannot connect to
  8. Not sure what forum to post this in, feel free to move. I ordered "Pineapple Juice" but was away and came back and it was already returned to sender, can someone redirect me to sales? Thanks, X
  9. I updated to the newest firmware (1.4.1). The only problem I am having is in the /www folder. While in my browser, pineapple will allow me to access files directly in the /www folder. But if I want to access a file in /www/examplefolder/ it will not load. My file permissions for my /www are (0755) the files in /www are (0644) and the folders in /www are (0755). Can someone help me with this? Is it the file permissions? update: I reflashed my pineapple wifi and it worked fine, until I disconnected and then reconnected, now it will not work. Thanks X
  10. Sorry for the confusion on the question, I just wanted to see if using the table with a USB to LAN apdater, could create a connection using the pineapple. Thanks a lot guys for answering my question :):)
  11. This question is directed more towards the window's tablet. Would pineapple successfully run off a USB to LAN adapter on a windows tablet? Thanks, X
  12. I don't really have time to submit this, can anyone do this process for me?
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