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  1. So, today, with a new problem. EDIT: This is what KKP ( A keylogger ) logged when I hit the button to start the script ** [Ctrl][Alt][AltGr][up][End][Ctrl][Windows][Ctrl][AltGr][End][Alt][AltGr]#[Ctrl][AltGr][Alt][Ctrl][AltGr][Ctrl][AltGr][Ctrl][Windows][Ctrl][AltGr][PageUp][Ctrl][Alt][Windows][AltGr][Alt][AltGr][PageUp][Windows]J[Ctrl][Windows][AltGr][Alt][AltGr][PageDown][Ctrl][Alt][Ctrl][AltGr] [NumLock][Ctrl][Alt][Windows][Alt][AltGr][Alt][Windows][AltGr][MenuClick][Ctrl][Windows][Ctrl][AltGr][PageUp][Alt][Ctrl][Ctrl][Ctrl][Alt][Windows][Ctrl][Ctrl][AltGr][Ctrl][AltGr][Alt][
  2. So, today, with a new problem. Every ducky script leads to the 'CTRL + ALT + DEL' screen. I originally thought it was just someones bad scripting, but it turns out everything does it, either at the beginning or half way through to script. ( Both Win7/8 tried on two Windows 7 comps and one Windows 8 ) One of the Win7 comps and the Win8 comp have NUM Keys. **Example Script** DELAY 3000 GUI r DELAY 750 STRING powershell Start-Process notepad -Verb runAs ENTER DELAY 1500 ALT y DELAY 500 ENTER ALT SPACE DELAY 100 STRING m DELAY 200 DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW DOWNARROW D
  3. This is a old topic, but I figured I'd let you in on how to, cause it's easy. Once you have your script, plug your microsd card into your computer through a adaptor, then go into your notepad, click ' save as ' then go into the sd card from the pop up window and type " inject.bin " it will ask you to replace the current file, click yes. Done.
  4. I disagree with what most of these people said. I personally found that learning a scripting language was the most wasteful time of my life. Since you are on a hak5 forum, I suggest buying the rubber ducky. Besides that, there's nothing that you really need to buy to start " hacking " for the record, there's no such thing as " White hat hacking " it's all just black hat, just a personal opinion, you could probably go and prove me wrong though. You honestly can't know everything by reading a book. It takes time to slowly learn stuff. I do want to make sure you acknowledge this, hacking will dis
  5. 1. Whatever came on the Ducky ( purchased dec 22nd 2013 ) 2 The script came from online, it was to just make a new user. But I used different scripts and they all worked. 3 what encoder? The script I wrote was from online and you just download it. Could I get a download link to the encoder? 4. Yes. I'm wondering if I did something wrong when replacing the inject.bun
  6. So, I just recently got my ducky, and when I downloaded and ran a few commands I decided to make my own. After trying it, it didn't work, so I went to go and run one I had already ran ( That did work ) and now when I plug my ducky in, all it does it flash green with almost no break in-between. Help! Can someone give me a full explanation on how to use this? And how to fix it.. Thanks
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