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  1. Not sure to be honest. I think with a journaling file system, a plug pull is typically ok but an official answer would be good. As for my original question - I think it's likely that there's a physical issue with the device...the red LED is definitely half-on, and I'm pretty sure it's not light bleed from some other LED. If anyone has anything else to suggest trying that would be most welcome, but I'm guessing this is going to turn into a replacement request in the near future.
  2. All, Got a MKV and had it running 1.0.4 - working fine for months, including most of today. Today after finishing some work on dnsspoof and /www/index.php, I turned her off and later back on. Now I get a solid green light, and a very faint red light and that's it. No ethernet link recognised so I don't have a workable LAN connection. Tried setting dips to U,D,D,U,U and U,U,U,U,D left to right per reflashing/recovery instructions to no avail. Tried multiple LAN cables, and both the USB and primary power supplies that came with the unit. There's definitely no LAN link. Any help appreciated!
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