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  1. I’m seeing a similar issue on my Tetra, after updating to 2.5.2, my continuous recon scans do not show any results. Doing timed (30s, 1min, etc) recon scans do show results.
  2. The effect of this will be that the client gets deauthenticated and will immediately try to reconnect. Hopefully to your Pineapple AP if things are setup correctly. Think of the deauth infusion as a DOS attack tool used against the client or AP, versus the deauth mode is more of a tool to push clients in a certain direction
  3. The deauth mode does works for me, however as Sebkinne pointed out in another post, it only send a few Deauths. Unlike the deauth infusion where you can specify the number of Deauths to send this one is currently hard coded to a few
  4. You can accomplish the same thing with pineap and beacon response. turn both on, add ssids to the pineap list and watch the new ssids being broadcasted
  5. @Sebkinne thanks for the quick response, try the pineap module on the iPhone if you can, scrolling seems to scroll the background page and not the actual infusion. also the logs tab isn't displaying correctly and wrapping any lines. Deauth info makes sense! thanks
  6. @Sebkinne What browser have you been testing with? This version doesn't seem to like safari or safari mobile very much. Things like tile layout and toggles don't always work like the previous version, but using a browser like iceweasel works perfectly. Also, How many Deauths are sent with the new option? When selecting the option, my test client gets deauth only once. Is this the expected behavior? And one last question, is there a way, other than the system logs,to see what clients are currently getting deauthenticated?
  7. also some people say you need to set mon0 to the channel and ap you are trying to deauth , I've never had to set it but here is the command if it helps iwconfig mon0 channel 1
  8. do this reboot the pineapple use putty to ssh into and run the following commands - airmon-ng start wlan1 -iwconfig wlan1 channel 1 -aireplay-ng -0 100 -a 00:21:29:D6:AC:06 wlan1 I use wlan1 on this command not mon0, also make sure the -a argument has the access point MAC, to test death on the specific PC use the -c Mac of client this works for me every time.
  9. Whistle Master, thanks for the quick fix! very Awesome!
  10. Cheeto, Just for testing purposes, have you tried deauth from the CLI? I know the web Ui should work but trying it first from the CLI can go a long way to troubleshoot this. I would first try aireplay-ng, then mdk3 via the CLI. if that works then you know it's with the infusion. Also what channel is the AP you are trying to deauth on? and is it running a,b,g, n or ac? I haven't tested a windows 8 client with the latest version of deauth but I can confirm that with the blacklist fixes I'm able to deauth IOS and Mac clients
  11. I can confirm that it worked to deauth all clients connected to my test AP including IOS, MAC OSX, and various devices such as webcams, streaming devices, etc
  12. Whistle Master, for me part of the issue seems to be with the blacklist file, Using the web UI and adding any mac addresses in the list, or selecting one from the available AP list always results in adding the following to the blacklist file root@Pineapple:/pineapple/components/infusions/deauth/includes/rules# cat blacklist.lst # Every AP [a-zA-Z0-9] Manually adding Mac addresses to the blacklist file fixed the mdk3 deauth for me. Once the mac was added, and setting the proper channel it deauth the client.
  13. Until the infusion is fix the CLI is your friend 1- Put wlan1 in monitor mode by running airmon-ng start wlan12- Pick a client and its access point to deauth. Note the channel they are on and their MAC addresses 3- Then set wlan1 to that channel by running iwconfig wlan1 channel X4- Run "aireplay-ng -0 0 -a 00:14:6C:7E:40:80 -c 00:0F:B5:AE:CE:9D wlan1 Where (taken from the air crack-ng site) -0 means deauthentication 0 is the number of deauths to send (you can send multiple if you wish, 0 means unlimited) -a 00:14:6C:7E:40:80 is the MAC address of the access point -c 000:0F:B5:AE:CE:9D is the MAC address of the client you are deauthing wlan1 is the interface name To note you can't death a client/AP that the pineapple radios don't support, also running pineap, karma or any of the other infusions that require any of the radios may interfere with the deauth by doing things like changing the channel, etc.
  14. I modified the code just a bit since I posted this I switched exec("rm /etc/pineapple/ssid_file"); for exec("echo ''> /etc/pineapple/ssid_file"); those are two single quotes after the echo command. This seems to work a bit better and the interface auto refreshes with the empty list.
  15. You could do the following to add yourselves a "Clear ssid list" button... Use at your own risk! Darren and Seb probably wont want to support you if you modify the source code and break things! but nothing a restore can't fix... SSH to your pineapple, Backup the following files in case you want to revert: /pineapple/components/system/pineap/functions.php and /pineapple/components/system/pineap/tabs/pineap.php Edit the /pineapple/components/system/pineap/functions.php file with your favorite text editor (ie. vi) Find the following if condition "if (isset($_GET['pineAP_SSID'])) {"... Replace this entire condition with this new If condition. if (isset($_GET['pineAP_SSID'])) { $ssid = $_POST['ssid']; $pineAP = new PineAP(); if (isset($_POST['add_ssid'])) { $pineAP->addSSID($ssid); } if (isset($_POST['del_ssid'])) { $pineAP->delSSID($ssid); } if (isset($_POST['clear_ssid'])){ exec("rm /etc/pineapple/ssid_file"); touch("/etc/pineapple/ssid_file"); } }else { echo "<b></b>Unkown Command<br/>"; } } 6. Save the file 7. Edit the /pineapple/components/system/pineap/tabs/pineap.php file with your favorite text editor 8. Add the following code at the bottom of this file just before the "</fieldset>" on the last line. <form method="POST" action="/components/system/pineap/functions.php?pineAP_SSID" onsubmit="$(this).AJAXifyForm(save_pineap_settings); return false;"> <input type='submit' name='clear_ssid' value='Clear SSID List'> </form> 9. Save the file and reload the PinAP page and you will have a functional " Clear list" button below the remove ssid button.
  16. A few quick questions... Does Karna need to be started/running before running PinAp, dogma, etc? is there a startup order for all of these modules? Do both WLAN 0 and 1 need to be manually enabled before running karma, PinAP, etc? What state should both radios be in before starting the Karna/PinAP modules?
  17. I was having the same issues, after looking into this further I found that after 20-30 mins my pineapple' storage was full. SSH in from eth0 when the issue occurs and check how much free space you have left.
  18. I think I've narrowed it down to Site Survey. Once I fire it up, start monitoring a WLAN the MK-x files get created. Is there a way to get lsof running on the MarkV? Would be an easy way to figure these sort of things out.
  19. Hello, After my Mark V runs for 30~45 + mins, all wifi clients loose access and the Web management page is no longer allowing me to log in. This happens simply by plugging the device in and leaving it running for that period of time. After looking into this further i found that the /tmp directory is 100% full because of a file called mk-01.cap. After deleting the file, the pineapple returns to normal and allows connections until the local storage fills up again. Does anyone know what process or infusion is creating this capture file?
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