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  1. Exactly the same thing. :/
  2. Hi wopak, I've try too many times, but the pineapple continue to say "Bad upgrade files". i suppose is a problem of sd card, but i try with 3 different card. are ok formatted in FAT? oh, one thing, is normal have same red light when i try to reset the system default(10011)? Thanks for reply.
  3. Hi all, I've recently buy a pineapple mk5, and just as he was connected via ethernet i have install visual studio windowsphone sdk for personal purposes... "and then?!" you say. This has caused a restart of the ethernet driver while pineapple are working...when the ethernet is back on, the pineapple has been stuck. I try to resetting system defaults with 10011, but the led stuck on red solid light. Now... i follow this: https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing I have download the stager and up-to-date sd card files, but when i put the switch on 11111 and put sd inside,(i try to format FAT, F
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