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  1. Ah, so that's what you see. I guess it's too subtle for you and some other fanboys to understand, well that's ok... Anyway, the point is that as a seller, the hakshop does have communication and sometimes quality control issues, those are facts that some others and myself have experienced. And it's good for everyone if they recognize it and improve upon it. To only say how great they are, then ignore and diminish any real issues others have brought up here is just blind fanboyism. That of course doesn't meant that hak5 makes bad product, in fact it's the Pineapple V that drew me to the haksh
  2. agreed, I would put a rechargeable battery pack between the solar panel & the pineapple, using the panel to charge the battery and power the pineapple with battery pack.
  3. Regardless what this is , a project or business. Based on my experience, they have pretty non-existent "support" email/telephone. I have also called them few times during normal business hours with no one picks the phone, just a voicemail telling me their business hour ... left a message, never got a call back. Emailed few times over a span of a month, didn't receive one single reply. Just last week I ordered a Ducky on the 15th, 5 days later the status page still shows "processing", called and no one picked up, emailed and no one replied. To me the bottom line is that they offer interesti
  4. I would just go with blocking all ports approach and open only the ports you need, such as 80 for web browsing and anything else you might want to use.
  5. But wattage is is the result of Amps x Voltage. According to the specification for the pineapple power input, it'll will draw the maximum of 12watt(12V*1A), something like Anker 3E can output at max of 15W(5V*3A) even though it's only at 5v, so if the pineapple V only cares about the actual power(wattage) and accepts 5V, then it shouldn't matter. I would be more interested in knowing the spec for the internal power conversion of the "flexible power" on the pineapple V if you could share some details, as it's not listed under specifications. thank you.
  6. -c option doesn't work, that's why I said it's stuck... I'll check out the LED things later, thanks.
  7. I assume you meant 'wlan0' for iwlist? it doesn't say it's stuck on any channel, but it obviously does because it only picks up whatever channel that's set for the ap in "/etc/config/wireless" and airodump-ng shows channel as '-1'. if I put wlan0 down using 'ifconfig wlan0' then it'll surf all channels, but then the blue LED doesn't work anymore. So yours doesn't do that? Anyway, I can use it as is, just wanted to point out a possible bug unless I'm missing something.
  8. just because it's set to ap radio by default doesn't mean you need to use it as ap, obviously it's capable of more than that and runs in monitor mode and it can be run in conjunction with wlan1 as well :) not sure what I would use it for yet, just want to find out more of the hardware capability and limits. Perhaps can be used as a more effective wifi jammer by spreading the channel load between wlan0 & wlan1? just off top my head... I'm not sure what you meant, how is that going to help preventing reset while havinb wlan0 in monitor mode and functioning LED? When I tried it, wifi do
  9. Just playing around with it, here is what i noticed, a bug perhaps? after setting wlan0 to monitor mode, if I try to bring it up again using ifconfig, it's guaranteed to crash the system and reboot. ifconfig wlan0 down iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor ifconfig wlan0 up However, I don't have to bring it up to make it functional for airodump-ng, then again the wlan0 LED won't work if the wlan0 interface is not up, and I like the blinking light...
  10. wlan0 does support client mode. Given that you have the proper driver install. It won't show in the network tab, but it'll show up in the WiFi Manger infusion.
  11. Hi, just to experiment, I've reverse the default configuration of wlan0 as ap & wlan1 as client. The 2 files I modified are /etc/config/wireless & /etc/config/network The wlan0 is working as client, however, wlan1 is not functioning as AP. I also tried "ifconfig wlan1 up" but nothing is happening, also on the LED only the fourth red light doesn't turn on. Anyway has tried with similar setup with success? or someone could point me to the right direction? thanks
  12. I have the same question, and the popular anker E3 actually, wonder if the dev has tested it out and would comment... Since the Anker supports the maximum of 3A out, voltage dipping really shouldn't be an issue.
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