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  1. I am using my personal router with WPS enabled. I can verify this with other tools. After setting things up and running WPS on Pineapple, it just sits there. "wps log_1435094026.log [June 23 2015 21:13:48] [+] Waiting for beacon from XXXXXXXXXXX"
  2. Did the Pineapple update (2.3.0) and using WPS v. 1.9 When I do a scan in WPS, it does not show WPS (enabled or disabled) just -
  3. @datahead, here thanks bro for the suggestion on installing it internal and not on SD. With the limited onboard space, I put everything on the SD. Will try and reply with results.
  4. Many people have problems using the current version of the Infusing. Personally, I telnet to Pineapple to do most things. I also run Wifite.py. One of the developers are releasing a new version any day now.. https://github.com/mictee/wifite
  5. Thanks , I found a newer version https://github.com/xtr4nge/FruityWifi/wiki/Install for Raspberry. Will play around with it. I wonder what is better that or Kali
  6. Hey that's a cool find.. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Was wondering if by chance anyone else out there was interested in using a Raspberry Pi in the same way as Pineapple. Raspberry, headless with two radios. One for Client mode to accept incomming connections and the other radio to "Attack" with. I have spent MANY hours tryng to get this config on Raspberry to work without luck.I have many distro's on Raspberry , including Kali (BackTrack) Better yet, would be nice if there was a port over to Raspberry from Pineapple. After hours of searching , actually did find someone trying to do the same thing, but it didn't work.
  8. Ok, this bring up two questions.. 1.) In the snapshot below , you have 3 wlan's (Radios) , are you using an external usb RTL8187 attached to pineapple? If so, why? Most people as myself use Pineapple as followes; Pinapple standalone pluged in another room. Connect to client mode on Pineapple wlan0 to manage the pineapple web/ssh/ etc.. Use wlan1 as the "attacking" radio. I hardly ever connect directly to pineapple using Cat5 cable unless there is a problem. 2.) I set up a router (in my office) to test it out . I made sure WPS is enabled on the test router. It DOES NOT show WPS for that ssid when using WPS enfusion (latest update as of today and 2.0.4 firmware). I know WPS is enabled and working additionally because it asks if I want to use WPS when connecting to that ssid via pc. I have never been able to sucessfully use WPS enfusion. I have always ssh into Pineapple and used wifite.py
  9. Nothing seems to work, does not work for me either. I am using wlan0 to connect PC and manage. 1.)When I do a scan , no wps show up and have an enabled router here with it enabled. 2.) WPS gives [!] WARNING: Failed to associate with xxxxxxxxxx (ESSID: xxxxxxx
  10. Doesn't this contradict the whole purpose of having two radios? Someone please elaborate why Wlan0 needs to be disabled. Is this a bug/problem with the configuration or a hardware RF issue? I have been using wifite.py in a terminal instead of using the infusion. I could have sworn a while back it works that way. I am working on a Raspberry PI w/ Kali project using two radios to be connected like the Pineapple (Remotely)
  11. Rebooting from Config- Pineapple Infusion, I seem to lose my SD mount. Kind of ironic since trying to do a graceful reboot instead of power off/on. There is no shutdown command built in or available from what I could see.
  12. Thank you so much raz0r.. Yes, I got tmux and it's a lot better than using screen, but I could not get it to work via the boot dip switch command line. Boot up with dip switch in tmux session and running a command. I guess it's because it doesn't actually open a session using the boot dip switches? Hope that makes sense..
  13. Cool device. Only draw is no wifi built in. Great for XBMC . How would you attach it to Pineapple? Wouldn't it be better to just use two usb wifi radios to remote into it and use it standalone? That's how I was thinking to use Raspberry Pi
  14. Sorry tmux is what I tried. Couldn't get tmux or screen to work using dip switches.
  15. Ya, I am also mostly sticking to SSH terminal. Using wifite script in terminal and [screen] to reconnect to running sessions since xmux wouldn't work on Pineapple.Not having luck initiating a session via the boot switches on pineapple using screen sessions. Want to start a script in a screen session at boot, so I can SSH into it later and see its progress using phone. I am considering making a Raspberry Pi project with two radios running Kali and remoting into it via Note 3. @koolkarnt Bigpwned and what other scripts you said you are running?
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