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  1. may be if you put your commands into a bash script, and run the script with dip switch ? #!/bin/bash command 1 command 2 and you launch this script with dip switch
  2. great great great :D Thanks a lot ! I will google to learn how to deauth the clients !
  3. Thanks for your answers :) I'm starting to answer how it works ... But I have some difficulties ... About Karma : if I understand what it does, it creates an open wireless network. When some device is searching for known networks, Karma says "yes it's me" and the device connects to the pineapple. But what if there is in the area already a real known network ? Will the device connect to karma or to the real network ? And if the device is already connected to the a real network, how can I disconnected it to force the connexion to the pineapple ?
  4. Hello ! I just received my PinneApple :) So I'm having fun with but .. In Karme > Karme Configuration > SSID Configuration, I have created a wireless network named "CARTEL", checked the box "persistent. It works, I can see on my phone the CARTEL network. But how can I delete it ? After stopping KARMA and DNS SPOOF, I still can connect to the CARTEL network from my phone .... Thanks !!
  5. I can't get french mac keyboard work ... I'm using this command to encode my text file : java -jar encoder.jar -l resources/fr.properties -i textedit.txt -o inject.bin any idea please ?
  6. Hello, I'm trying this script : DELAY 3000 GUI SPACE DELAY 500 STRING textedit ENTER GUI + GUI + GUI + GUI + STRING Votre ordinateur est infecté GUI A GUI + But the lign "GUI +" doesn't do anything (it's for increasing size text in textedit) Any idea ?
  7. I have a little question : on some version of Mac OS X (Mavericks for example) there is no keyboard shortcut activated by default for Spotlight search ... so COMMAND + SPACE does not work. How can I do this on a computer with no keyboard shortcut for spotlight : I need to launch the terminal app
  8. Thanks a lot midnitesnake :) I received my Ducky this morning :)
  9. okay !! thanks mreidiv I will look this website :)
  10. Hello guys ! I'm new here, and come from France (so please excuse my english !) I juste ordered a USB Rubber Ducky, and I'm wondering how to start ? Is there a starting guide somewhere on the internet ? Thanks a lot :) Cheers and merry christmas !
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