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  1. Worked perfectly and now with the factory version I still can't do anything. There has to be something that I'm doing wrong. I plug it in waiting for the solid blue led and then go to and I don't receive any web page : /
  2. Okay I am definitely doing something wrong, I just followed the instructions but when it asks me to go to and update the firmware I just get sent to my routers page, which makes sense. Should I disconnect my laptop from my router first?
  3. No matter what i try I cannot connect to the nano when browsing to
  4. I recently bought the wifi pineapple nano and have been experiencing a ton of problems trying to set it up through windows. When I first set it up everything was fine and as normal but when trying to connect my phone as a client, nothing would work even though the pineapple was pulling up the bulletins. After a while of trying a few different things the nano wouldn't even connect to the internet anymore. I have since tried to reset it with the button on the bottom and now when browsing to its IP, I can't even set it up anymore through the web browser. Does anyone have any ideas for me I'm gett
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