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  1. Pixl thank you alot! Just a couole follow-up questions. 1) the first problem is it looks like this does not support 5g wifi. 2) the concern is this maynot be powerful enough? Reading the questions and reviews it's not recommend to use stringer antennas. I think you pointed me in a good direction do you have any follow up recommendation or does this change things?
  2. Hello forum and thank you for taking the time to read. I am looking to overcome an inconvenience with my Android phone. When traveling or summer camping, most locations you stay will offer (or rather advertise) WiFi access. Unfortunately my phone early can reach the access point weather due to the phones radio/ antenna or the site trying to blanket more cover than the router can reach. Unfortunately I can't add an antenna to my phone is tablet. I have also looked into USB wifi adapters to no luck. So my current idea is to use the WiFi pineapple, with it's better radios and from what I have read impressive range to connect to the access point and the connect my mobile devices to the pineapple. I am aware I could just purchase a repeater or bridge but I am concerned on flexibility down the road, or being limited to the preconfigured build of a off the shelf repeater (even with custom firmware such as ddwrt.) I am not an advanced user like alot of the skilled users here but if I went this route I wouldn't mind learning more and tinkering. Also I mainly use Android at this point as most things I do do not require anything more (if this helps point me in the right direction?) Thanks in advance!
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