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  1. That's great your order has be shipped. I'm glad you contacted the right people over at hak5
  2. i also order from hak5 i still haven't receive my Rubber Ducky and i order on 9/1/16 i have email shipping dept three times with no reply. @Darren KitchenCan you look into it please order Number# 78559
  3. Thanks for letting us know thats why i didn't order the Nano like you said is in beta why have people spend 100 plus for something that's is still in beta i just hope that when they get the tetra is working good not with all these problems. I even scare to order hak5 stickers they might not even stick right
  4. @Darren Thanks for the update please take time before releasing the next batch.
  5. @barry99705 Sad theres always a person on a forums with a smart remark so do me and yourself a favor keep the dumb reply to yourself
  6. Why didn't you just release both at the same time now some people will find something wrong on the nano just to return it So before i order this unit theres no more new Pineapple coming out this year. @darren
  7. One more reason too hold on in ordering the Nano
  8. Darren happy for your pineapple nano my question is are there any issue using it with Macbook via VMware Kali 2.0 Im reading couple of people having trouble with the setup and they not using a macbook so before i order my unit will you make videos using a macbook pro .
  9. Don't waste your money on the mark V nothing really works just download Kali 2.0 better off trust me is a waste of time and money with pineapple mark V even their video are garbage
  10. If yes how can I set it up to login via wifi Im using a Mark V
  11. Don't know if this has been posted but can you access pineapple mark v via wifi don't what to use wired .
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