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  1. please explain me what are those question mean and how it works? 1. Given that beacon frames are used by an 802.11 AP to advertise its existence. What are the SSIDs of the two access points that are issuing most of the beacon frames in this trace? 2. What are the intervals of time between the transmission of the beacon frames from the linksys_ses_24086 access point? From the 30 Munroe St. access point? (Hint: this interval of time is contained in the beacon frame itself). 3. What (in hexadecimal notation) is the source MAC address on the beacon frame from 30 Munroe St? 4. What (in hexadecimal notation) is the destination MAC address on the beacon frame from 30 Munroe St? 5. What is the BSS ID of 30 Munroe St? 6. The beacon frames from the 30 Munroe St access point advertise that the access point can support four data rates and eight additional “extended supported rates.” What are these rates? 7. What is the Channel number used for WiFi communication? 8. Consider the first PROBE REQUEST and the soonest subsequent PROBE RESPONSE PAIR occurs after t = 2.0 seconds in the trace. When these frames sent and what are the sender, receiver and BSS ID MAC addresses for these frames? What is the purpose of these two types of frame. regards, Black Angel
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