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  1. yah it work before i tried yours...but when i tried your version, everything loaded up & worked fine except for the mp3 being saved on my computer... btw, did i do it right by copying the jar the folder & renaming the default.properties file & then copying it to the pandora folder? whats the best way of installing your version again - so i can do it right...thx again for your time.
  2. Coldfusion so is this version you made your modified version of pandora.jar not the one released from here & is the version below newer then this one? But when I tried to install the latestPandora20061217_0115am_mp3md5_opt-in.zip the way you said nothing was getting ripped & the version number on the pandora.jar was still 7.4.0 beta. By the way here's how I did it - I copied the pandora.jar to the folder & then renamed the default.properties.example to default.properties & then copied it to the folder & no dice. Tell me if I did it right or wrong. One more question was pandora.jar made from this site or somewhere else?
  3. the script above didn't work for me but the one below did: cd c:pandora start java -jar pandora.jar 8085 cd c:Program FilesMozilla Firefox start firefox http://www.pandora.com/ ping -n 8 start firefox http://localhost:8085 if anybody wants, i made the bat file for you guys, just download it & your all set but if you are curious to see whats in the file just open it with notepad & you'll see its the same code here: http://rapidshare.com/files/8670724/pandora_fix.bat.html but the script mentioned below didn't work for me - but I had installed before he took out the debug line from the raw code, so I guess maybe it'll work now - well see. I'll try it later. Thanx by the way for the pandora jar guys. By the way, I think pandora caught on to what we are doing & now they are trying make us upgrade to flash 9 so we cant rip no more but thanx to you guys that'll be hard for them.
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