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  1. Awesome thanks for the tips guys! are their any other similar wifi monitoring infusions in the pineapple bar?
  2. Hey guys! just started up using my mark V, gosh i love this thing!!! anyways doing the sslstrip was just a click away, but i noticed that Facebook and Gmail wont show up in logs, but when i go to aol.com wth my device thats connected to the pineapple and type in mango for username and mango for password and hit enter, it records it...then i stop go to history and view the latest log, when i Ctrl+F and type loginid= i see it! mango mango....so my question is whats up with facebook and gmail? is it that they are too secure?
  3. Is there a certain way to update this? or can i just plug my wifipineapple to my computer and do it from there?
  4. makes sense, i'm new at this so ill have to start learning haha
  5. i know charging it isnt the problem, its powering the pineapple with it. the pineapple will turn on for a split second and then shut off
  6. Hey guys! i have a problem i ordered the bag and pineapple juice for my wifi pineapple...love the bag but the pineapple juice isn't working, well it is sorta. it charges but all three green led lights don't light up when i leave it charging through out the night. and when i plug the pineapple into it it turns on for a split second then shuts off. but it does power my flash light. did i get a defective battery pack, or am i doing something wrong?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and just recently bought a usb rubber ducky and a wifi pineapple mark v, I just recently flashed my ducky to the twin duck. I read about having the ducky run multiple payloads, i was wondering if it is possible to have a ducky have the multiple payloads but when you plug it in rather than it running the payloads right away a command prompt opens and allows you to select what payload you want to run. for example i plug it in and cmd pops up : 1. hello world 2. cd tray eject spam 3. shut down pc 4. create user account w/ admin privileges What pay load would you like to initiate?...._ if this is possible how could i go about doing this?
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