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  1. well Thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who ran into this problem, It really ins't one in particular. It has just been awhile and for example occupineapple. is almost embarrassing to have to ask about when I remember being so fond of it in the past but in the one place where they are all listed and given a brief (like as brief as it gets) description it only mentions how its based on the work of darren. I feel like there used to be that same list with more going on in the information category. And perhaps a brief what not to mix with what type of list. Obviously its about not overloading the little guy but a lot of things share the antennas and bang in to each other. I'm sure for the season vet this seems like no brainer info and I'll admit to being a little to lazy to go look it up. But to my defense its not like its as easy as that. first have to find it but then sometimes you think your in the right place so you end up reading for 20 min only to come away empty handed. I am not complaining especially since so much of the work on here is done out of kindness and voluntarily. Sorry for the rant, I was really only intending to say "it's not just description, its all of them" but my fingers couldn't find the breaks. What does pof do? Does "get" always display the wlan2 mac address and have no info? Is there a reason auto ssh is never checked despite always checkin auto start and auto ssh every chance I get? Did the info in the ? marks get removed or whittled down from what used to be there? What should and shouldn't go on the SD vs the device? Why am I so retarded that the only thing I can get reporting to report is the exact thing I typed in there hoping to get reported. Thats just to name a few of the questions I have right now. So perhaps that is what makes the though of hunting through page after page of forums hoping for a similar question of a robust enough answer seems too daunting. Hey maybe I can just sit here whining till my mommy comes and changes my diaper making everything better.Whats even dumber is I was just at the Hak5 pentest academy and had Seb right there for two days. But of course I can't remember what I forgot if I never got online to see it and remind me. Oh well. Forums are a place where the smart help the less smart or even dumb so I guess I'm home. And dumb. Er. Thanks for the help and the patience. And If/when I do gain mastery of all the things Mark V related I promise to type out all that shit -v -v -v as I can get. Cause apparently being long winded is something I am a fan of right now.. Nick
  2. I have looked for awhile now and only seem to find a list on the wiki that is pretty much the same information found in the bar itself. I'm sure there is a place where I can get a little more information about each infusion all on one page. I tried looking at each on in the forum only to find no description where there wasn't a direct question, which makes sense. But even if there were descriptions in each one I can'r imagine that being the only option to find this stuff out. So please help and I'm sure this an easy one Thanks
  3. Nevermind. Guess that was my tenth post. I appreciate your trust.
  4. I got in to bitcoin at the beginning of 2014 out of curiosity. Slowly invested throughout the year. As I gained a better understanding of it I increased my purchases till I was buying multiple coins at a time. Their volatility is not quite as random as it appears when you first start watching it and despite it being one of 2014 "worst investments" I managed to make profits well into the thousands (USD) with very little effort. Mostly just a ticker in the corner of my browser and an app on my phone. I would not invest anything you can't afford to lose nor did I make a living trading it but it certainly was a nice addition to my rainy day fund. Currently with its value so low its not a bad time to buy a little even if just for fun. Honestly I was just curious what the fuss was all about but ended up believing in its longevity despite all the hacks, controversy, and huge decline in value. The concept, application and versatility of non fiat backed crypto currency's has led me to conclude they are here to stay. Not to mention the aspect of complete anonymity without the typical and outrageous costs one encounters to launder funds will keep more money where it belongs. Though I do not have 10 or more posts I am happy to discuss this subject and am happy to provide sources and evidence where you or anyone finds their faith lacking.
  5. I have to ask and don't take it the wrong way but how old are you?
  6. Boy sitwon. That is one sad dose of reality. I hate the thought of ever having to give up my system. Especially for some overpriced shiny piece of glass and plastic that doesn't even run real programs.
  7. Try increasing the tx power. iwconfig wlan1 txpower 25dBm Or so couldnt hurt to check and see what its currently set at first and then crawl it up till you see a result but I thing it default boots at 20dBm. Be VERY careful though. Go up one dBm at a time and then wait. If it starts to get really hot or smell funny then turn it back down and leave it off till it cools down. good luck. ps: wlan1 is where mine is. yours could be different.
  8. What sort of background do you have? Electronic engineering or anything along the lines that might help you in doing this?
  9. why such an aggressive project? Why not start small and learn linux and then mod the code closer to your specifications. If all goes well then try to climb mt everest.
  10. I know its a pretty noodish question so I apologize to those of you way over qualified for wasting time but I'm out of time and options. I haven't purchased a DVD in a long time and things change so fast. What and where is a good freeware or shareware program for windows or linux to create a backup of my DVD so i can keep my original fresh? The program I used to use doesn't work anymore and the few others I have found have resulted in various infections. Instead of setting up a sandbox in vm and going through trail and error I was hoping y'all could help. Please note I have no intention of distributing or selling or even sharing any "pirated" DVDS I simply have a bad history with disks getting ruined from abuse and would prefer the 56 cents for a blank DVD. Thank You Nick
  11. Beautiful!!! I can resolve the power issue no problem. I was more concerned with hurting my baby by overloading it. Thanks for the help. Nick
  12. I wanted to know if its possible to utilize more than on external device through the use of an USB hub? Thank you' Nick
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