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  1. yeah. I've read this thread a million times. Mine still does not connect. "Simple. Don't use it with the Mk 5. And I mean OSX ICS not a Mac. I use Mavericks on my Air with the pineapple all the time. I just use wlan1 on the pineapple to connect to an AP for Internet. Then just connect my laptop to the pineapples AP. Nothing else needed at that point. Your pineapple will be able to update and you'll also be able to browse websites etc. If your intended use of the Mk 5 differs from this and absolutely needs to use the eth0 connection your going to have to make several tweaks." What did you me
  2. I've looked at the posts.. trust me. The last thing I want to do is waste everyones time with my issues.. but that's a forum right? Can you please direct me to the answer?
  3. I found out that the red light comes from me connecting client mode to my AP at home.. which gives me internet. but I feel like this is kind of defeating the point
  4. OK.. I have been on this for about 12 hours now trying to setup my Pineapple. I..Think..I..Need..help.. I'm breaking down my setup/connection so you all get the gist. Computer Hardware: 15" Retinal MBP Pineapple hardware Version: MarkV Pineapple Firmware Version: 1.0.4 OS used to connect to the Pineapple: OS X Mavericks Network Layout: Pineapple is supplied power from wall outlet. I have my wifi pineapple connected to my Mac via USB to ethernet, ethernet cable connected into pineapple. My Mac is connected via WiFi from my personal Access Point. I have manually configured the settings
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