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  1. That is something I have also been pondering midnitesnake. There are only a small handful of places that our cards both get used, and they are not small ma and pop places, nor do our cards generally get used close together at any given place. It is also weird that the crooks made purchases using physical cards, I made sure to ask that bank about it. That is why I am now so curious as to what information a person would need in order to build a usable copy of my card. Plus all the thefts occurred 2,000 miles away, so it is not like someone ran my card through a reader, made a duplicate, then drove across the country to use it. I am leaning towards the possibility of a data breach from the bank, stolen laptop or something like that. I am in IT Security, so I have an understanding of how data gets compromised, stolen, sniffed, etc. I am trying to get an understanding of how much is needed to get used in my case and in this fashion.
  2. That is exactly what I am curious about. Is the information saved on a site enough information to be able to create a new physical card that a person could take into a store and use? I would expect that there would be some encryption in place on the mag strip on the card that while could be copied out-right with a skimmer could not just be written on a card because they have my account number. I am trying to get an in depth understanding of what goes on the magnetic strip on a card.
  3. Recently, I had someone create physical duplicates of both my and my wife's debit card and rack up $1,100 dollars in fraudulent charges. I would have suspected being caught by a skimmer at first, but it was both our cards and we live 2,000 miles from where the physical cards were used. My question is this: what information could a person utilize to create physical copies of a debit card other than physically skimming it? Thank you.
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