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  1. Okay, here is a real simple snag that has got me scouring forums, and scanning man files: I am trying to control the default network connection in linux, and I am not talking about which network to connect to... that is simple change auto connect setting. Let me give two examples. I am running Linux Mint 16 on one box, and in order to set up internet connection sharing with say the pineappleV I would connect to the internet over wifi (wlan0) and then connect to the pineapple over ethernet cable (eth0) As soon as I connect anything to eth0 it chooses that as the default connection over wlan0.
  2. I would recomend following the clear and basic steps in the great videos Darren put up at http://uni.wifipineapple.com. (Thanks Darren!)
  3. With the new pineapple out, I got a kickdown of someone's old pineapple! The previous owner said he couldn't help me with it, didn't even know which version it is. I've been poking around, logged into it with pineapplesareyummy and discovered openWRT There is a lot going on here! Can anyone help me identify this pineapple? the Model # is MR3201A-38NQ and the IP listed is is there a manual pdf for this device? I've been digging through the forums but without knowing what version it is, it's hard to know where to begin. and while I'm at it what's the final word for flashing t
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