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  1. This doesn't make sense, fan equals noise, fan equals exponential power drain... If you are just mod'ing for the fun of it, kewl, otherwise doesn't seem to be problem needing to be solved.
  2. The instructions in the manual are straight forward (RTFM), however what is the format for the MAC address when you enter it as a Client Blacklist? With the colons, dashes or none? And is there another way to list them via SSH, etc.?
  3. Learned a few things when updating my Pineapple MK5. (After you restore your pineapple back to pre-brick condition:) 1. RTFM 2. Have a fresh SD card inserted before doing the update to 1.0.1 (refer to 1) NOTE: The Hak5 crew provided a way to format your SD without having to use another computer. Goto Resources->USB Info 3. Know your DIP Switch (refer to 1) 4. Don't blow away the SD that came with your purchase. (Don't be cheap, buy more!) BTW: To answer my own question. It doesn't take that long to complete the update. After Unbricking (AU) and Before Setup (BS) it was 5 minutes
  4. Help my pineapple has fallen and it can't get up! Hak5 Alert! How long does it typically take to complete the update? Started the update around 10 last night and its still flashing blue when I go up at 6:00.
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