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  1. Just to be clear this post isn't about how to do illegal things. It's simply a way to protect yourself and your privacy when doing pen testing in the field.
  2. SITUATION: Bob is pentesting with the pineapple. A nosy old lady sees bob and his pineapple sitting at a Starbucks and calls the police to report "suspicious activity". Police arrive and notice Bob has a bag with wires running into it with with flashing lights. They take the bag which contains the pineapple back to the station and a forensic investigator examines everything on the pineapple along with the SD card. They find a lot of "suspicious stuff' according to the police. Bob tries to explain to the police that he is pen testing a client that asked him to be discrete so he sat across the street from the business which happens to be Starbucks. Police say that he also picked up a lot of traffic from nearby people so they charge him with a bullshit computer law and throw him in jail. SOLUTION: As soon as Bob notices two police officers / detectives / FBI / etc... entering Starbucks he simply unplugs the power cable discreetly on the pineapple. If police confiscate the pineapple everything is encrypted (i.e. TrueCrypt, luks,etc) on it and he doesn't have to disclose the password. Can someone create a script/infusion and call it something like "Fort Knox" or something along those lines that fully encrypted the pineapple and on startup requires a password and or USB drive with pass key to decrypt everything on startup. If the pineapple is powered off it's the same as a laptop, ram is wiped and everything is safe. As it stands right now, if one police officer / detective doesn't understand exactly what the pineapple is doing and wants to charge you with a bullshit computer law you are screwed since the pineapple stores everything on it in cleartext and nothing is encrypted. If the entire filesytem can be encyrpted and require a pass phrase/usb key present that would at least provide some protection against over zelous law enforcement individuals and feds.
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