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  1. Same. After the update, I was able to connect initially and set up password and SSID details but, after that, it rejects all connections from any devices. Holding down the reset button for 7 seconds reboots it with a factory reset and it works again but setting the password/SSID details again kills it immediately.
  2. Apologies if this is obvious and I'm just doing something incredibly wrong but I haven't been able to figure out how the Pineapple Nano setup is intended to fit into the EDC case that comes with the tactical kit. It seems that the length of the device is way too long to latch the flap shut if you have USB cables attached. Even attempting to lightly close it with USB cables attached just feels like you're going to snap the USB connectors right off the thing. Without cables attached, it just baaaarely wants to shut. I've tried it with and without the USB adapter it comes with and tried flipping the Nano 180-degrees to put it in "upside down" into the case and it still won't shut with cables attached. Trying to fit the Pineapple Juice 4000 in there with it just makes things more awkward. Surely, I'm doing something really ridiculous here. If any of you have instructions on how you get yours to fit with cables attached or have pictures to go along, it'd be appreciated.
  3. Darren, that worked perfectly. Until I can figure out what goofiness AT&T is doing with my tethering, this solution will work just fine. I appreciate the help!
  4. Scratch that! This was only an issue with the Kali build on my laptop. Tried another PC and we're all good in Linux. Now to continue the USB tethering adventure.
  5. I'm having odd issues with USB tethering on my HTC One M8 as well. I have an AT&T plan that unlocks the feature, the option to enable is available, upon turning it on I receive a message that USB tethering is indeed enabled, but the Pineapple app continues to say I need to configure USB tethering first and never moves past that initial prompt. I've tried many combinations of actions (like maybe if I close the application, then enable USB tethering, then open the app, then hit Configure, then disable USB tethering, then re-enable, then go back to the app, etc etc) but the Pineapple app is still stuck at insisting I need to enable USB tethering. Even tried multiple cables, different power sources.. Not sure. Odd. My next issue is that, in Linux, mine shows up as eth1 but refuses to hand out an IP address. Ahh I love learning new hardware. I'll figure it out eventually.
  6. I enjoyed using the Mark IV enough that I waited through the Mark V release party while refreshing the store site over and over to make sure I ordered one immediately when it was available. I've loved the Mark V enough that, when my partner saw me getting giddy over the "Pineapple" teaser videos, I told her to be prepared for me making a purchase in the near future. And yep, I ordered and can't wait for the new Nano tactical kit to show up. Thanks for the continuing dedication and hard work on this product line. I've learned much via your efforts.
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