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  1. I'm not going to buy an android phone just for that, second option is to take that iPhone 3gs out of the dust and use that to control the pineapple ... Although thanks foxtrot!
  2. So guys, I got a little setup problem My setup: iPhone 4S , wifi tethering, and the wifi pineapple! What I want to do: boot up both devices, connect iPhone to wifi pineapple, startup everything ( actually just tcpdump at the moment, maybe also deauth ) after that, do something magic and start wifi tethering on the iPhone and let the pineapple connect to it ( maybe put something in the dip switch so it connects automatically to the iPhone, but I don't know how ) Does someone know an answer to this? Greetz, Roman
  3. But now i still have internet... Everything worked fine for like 2 minutes, i logged in at http google and i could see the pass... But now i'm not able to do it again
  4. Yeah finally it works, but actually it works the first 2 minutes, than it stopped stripping.... how's that possible?
  5. I use it on kali linux. And i always use that iptables command, excact the same as you quoted!
  6. Hey guys, Sorry if i put this in the wrong category. I'm trying to use ssl strip + arp spoofing. I do exact the same like on every tutorial. But once everything is done, my victim has no internet. He can't load the page! If i just arp spoof my target, use something like urlsnarf. Everything works fine... Can someone please help me, i'm searching a while for a solution. By the way, sorry for my bad english. :(
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