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  1. i took a fan and heat-sync off of an old computer i had laying around ,took the heat sync off, and hooked the fan up to another battery pack, not the pineapple juice, and it seems to work ok. but nothing great.compact. still fits inside of the travel bag.
  2. i use this one tmobile 3g laptop stick and its ok i guess. bought it at walmart. i dont know if i would reccomend it , but it does work. but i dont want to say anything too bad about it because i may just live in a shitty signal reception area. i got this other one the other day though, an at&t 3g/4g prepaid usb laptop stick , nut i haven't gotten it activated yet sadly. I've just been too busy. I think i will try it here in a few hours. I will be sure and post my results homie.
  3. So I've been trying to install JasagerPwn on the latest firmware, and it doesnt look like its gonna work. I got it to install on Kali 1.05 ok. but I can't seem to get it from my Kali box to the pineapple. I reall like the whole concept/idea of JasagerPwn Reborn. It sounds so bad ass. Do you think that i could inject those same exploits/payloads mentioned in this post with "strip-n-inject" ? sorry for askin, but im at my wits end here. I'v been reading this post all night and still havent had any luck.anyways, please hit me up.
  4. I saw that shit the other day. Its a bad ass concept/idea. But the more I read on it, it seems like the raspberry pi's are really just pineapples.one could really improve this platform by using the RTL SDR dongle for cell phone traffic,maybe a rouge access point.maybe deploy it on a few transparent blimps that patrol waypoints.idk,but it is bad ass nonetheless. That motherfucker works for DARPA, you know he built the feds a super bad ass version.had to have.DARPA doest just give out money for "research and development" without getting a blowjob. Just sayin.ahahaha
  5. I made my own kalipwn nexus.it wasnt all that cool.never tried it with the pineapple.by I am using a rooted Nexus 7. I use this one with the pineapple all the time.
  6. wassup fellas? i was super bored earlier and was reading random stuff in the hak shop while drueling over rubber duckies and stumbled upon " "Request a QuoteNeed something custom? Looking for a large quantity? We accept net-30 Purchase Orders. Discounts available for accredited educational institution, government, military and non-profit hackerspaces. Contact Us." I'm just currious as to how the military or governtment would deploy the pineapple.How does everbody think they would apply, or use the pineapple?Espionage is understandable, maybe red-team pentesting? Just curious really. I hope to get some interesting input. toodles
  7. its not all that hard, or expensive to get a MSR writer now days. The MSR605 on ebay is like 300$ somethin dollars. If they cloned your card, thats more than likely what they used. but Mr-Protocol is right about the 3 layers, whats crazy about that is that only 2 are used. i think the format is called hi-co, or lo-co. i cant really remember. they only use all 3 layers on Amex cards i think. i could be wrong on that one. but anyway, to actually make an exact clone of your cards , they would have had to actually skim your card somehow ,somebody somewhere did. because you cant actually " clone " a card from just the 16 digit number a thief would get from , lets say maybe an SQL-injection on a website that they compromised.because the information on the mag strip on your card is really like a 48 digit number or something like that. but, what i think "they" do is somehow compromise a POS(point of sale) instead of skimming. becuase skimming is soooo 2006. haha. then "they" get massive amounts CC data, along with the magstrip "dumps" and the CVV2, then they sell it on "carding" sites. i could be wrong though. :D i hope this gives you some half ass idea about how it could have went down.
  8. I use a nexus with mine and its bad ass.just sayin,.shit, that's what I'm writing this with now.haha. I'm using the older one. 32gig
  9. Chris....dude you're my f#Cking hero. Real talk,true story.
  10. ya those sector antennas are bad ass.i am currious about some splitters hooked up to each antenna mount, so that way i could hook-up like 3 antennas for each bay... any advice? or so you think i would loose alot of signal maybe?hmm
  11. ya , those sector antennas are rad.i was thinking about a couple of splitters so maybe i could mount like 2, or 3 antennas for each bay. dont know if i would loose signal through thouse splitters though.... any ideas?
  12. Just currious to see what everyone else is using. Im still using mkV stock antennas,but they dont look all that intimidating...........I'm looking for something that could theoretically pwn and appartment complex,or maybe an entire subdivision/ neighborhood? And why are the SMA connectors different than a regular Alfa card's. what adapters do i need to hook up your average SMA wifi antenna? could someone show me a link on amazon?
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