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  1. I have a problem with ssl strip, it seems it is only outputting http traffic and no https anyone know how to fix this?
  2. I think i figured it out. its not karma but it acts as an AP and its not karma ;) well learning every day :D
  3. hi i connected an usb wifi adapter to teh mark V and run the following command rm /etc/config/wireless && wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless && reboot but no it seems it starts up with all radio's active, if i remove the # infront of the disable in /etc/wireless the card seems to be vanished completely. how can i only use karma on radio0 and not on the others?
  4. hi , thanks for the fast response, its a AWUS036NH based on the Realtek RT3070 chipset
  5. Hi, i want to add a alfa usb adapter to my pineapple mark V, so i get wlan0, wlan1 and wlan2 i tried to startup with the alfa card connected but it then gets bind to wlan1. i want to use the following setup: wlan0 client access wlan1 internet connection (client) wlan2 to send out disconnect packages etc can someone help me on how to do this?
  6. Fixed! i think the sd card was broken, used another one and formatted through the web interface and it works now but i do have another question, can i do a reset by dipswitches now or do i need to partition the sd first and make a fat16 partition and do a bricked setup?
  7. Hi, i need some help i did a upgrade to 1.0.1 and did a factory reset by the software, but when i now want to install infusions to the sd card it stays stuck at Your infusion is being downloaded. this could take a few mins. the progress bar stays at 0% installing in internal memory is no problem does someone know what to do?
  8. Hi, I want to use my own usb power pack with the Mark V but i havent plugged it yet, i do not want my pineapple to be broken. i saw that it has a DC5-12V port. now i understand that it will work from 5v up to 12v but what power voltage is the best to use?
  9. hi thanks, i will try those out, i have done a software factory reset. and i did the detect wireless command
  10. Thanks, the way thesugarat suggest is also possible, but how do i setup ics, when using the client mode it kills wlan0 for me
  11. Hi Guys, i currently use kali on my macbook, but also want to run ics with osx. when i enable ics on osx it changes the ipadresses. what is the best approach to get this working? thanks
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