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  1. No nothing to lose, I think its a legal thing where Hak5 team are unable to sell as a "retail" device until certified, A similar analogy would be slimming pills which are sold and state something similar to "*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. " So the device is being sold as a debug/developer device and performance/radio stability can't be claimed to be 100% certified to work until testing by FCC (I guess its FCC or CE for Europe?). Remember though that the team have had test devices most likely in their offices for months , so I'm sure they will work as currently advertised.
  2. Also just ordered, interested to see how it differs from the MK5 , or how it plays alongside the MK5. Love the fact we now have a mobile app. (maybe there should also be an OTG cable also that comes with the new device), also what is a "Morale patch" ? Lastly what is it that I see plugged into the battery that comes with the tactical kit?
  3. RT @hopperacademy: Hello World. We're the 1st women's engineering school where you only pay tuition after securing a job. #Coding to close …

  4. RT @The__Tactician: Maybe y’all should sit this one out RT @Redskins: Wishing you and your family a Happy #Thanksgiving. https://t.co/FL6C…

  5. Hack disclosure page is vulnerable to XSS , #xss https://t.co/oH7ljF1X3K Tested in IE , Mouseover XSS text @HiltonWorldwide #HiltonHack

  6. I receive a email from @LastPass that my data is stolen, I go to their page and its not good news https://t.co/TYbXJ4jSaP #xss #DominatorPro

  7. Hi @michaelbolton please ping me and I'll try and get you up and running.

  8. RT @Carnage4Life: They should give these out at the next performance reviews for the Facebook news feed team - http://t.co/OXbDsqapTU

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