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  1. No example attached in your post that I could see, My Nano has never "fully finished" a firmware update, it just gets stuck on the updating screen,. I also have issues with mine and like you have only been able do about 50% of what it should, (PineAP doesn't work) , It never logs sniffed networks , Recon works though and can detect networks , but PineAP will never log any. As for that screen I normally wait about 20-30 minutes just to be sure and then force a reboot and it appears to have upgraded. see my pic of the screen it gets stuck on when it starts an update.
  2. Yes testing on my own devices. I have tried all PineAp combinations and still nothing, also I shouldn't have to deauth as I purposely have my devices not connected to my main protected AP so they should be looking for any open AP they have saved. But the Nano never sees anything in PineAp mode. I did a great on my mk5 this morning and on that device PineAp works fine, just the Nano giving issues. I've also made sure that all filters are clear so I'm not just looking for a certain ssid or client but still no go. I'm looking for a list of commands that I would need to replicate the behavior of PineAp as my guess is that the ui is doing something strange or there is some type of race condition happening when scripted commands are sent.
  3. HI guys I have a Nano that has never "fully" worked, previously I put this down to the firmware not being fully functional , however after 1.04 release I figured that it must be my device. I'll explain my issue. Its PineAP , I can never get SSIDs to show (unless I manually connect to an accesspoint) , it should be picking up AP's which are being broadcasted by clients looking for connections, If I do a recon I can see about 20 SSID's and clients , but nothing is logged in PineAP (nothing at all) And as it can't get SSID's it never broadcasts any and as it never broadcasts any I can never get connections , unless I manually connect to the AP which I have set on the Nano. My Recon mode works really well. No issues there However under PineAP I want to just scan all devices close by, and log SSID's and then broadcast. Are there any commands that I can run once I SSH into the Nano to check all is functioning okay. Also I should note that I pressed the button to change Wlan1 to a random Mac address (not sure if this broke the Nano PineAP functionality) I've done about 4 factory resets and all still not working as it should, PS I have a MK5 so I know the basics of how PineAP mode should work and what to expect is returned. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Darren, I saw in the latest video the nice setup with the amps, I have a couple of questions, 1. Do they require separate USB power (meaning 2 PineApple Juices) one for the Nano and another for the Amps or is the power from the Nano enough to power 2 Amps and the Nano? 2. Can you do a screen grab of the extra AccessPoints and also TX if possible with and without those installed. 3. Lastly do you have 8Dbi antenna for sale?, I can see any if you do
  5. Thanks for the work around , and I saw the latest video stating that 1.4 is going to be release in the next 24 hours, does this mean that this fix will make it to 1.4 or is it planned for 1.5?
  6. +1 exact same issue, I choose Wlan2 from the drop down and type in password for AP and it connects , once I refresh the page it's connected using WLAN1 , and on reset it auto connects using WLAN1 even if Wlan2 is available, Also disconnect doesn't work as it disconnects and just auto reconnects before I can ever get Wlan2 to connect, WLan1 reconnects too quick. I've had to change AP password to prevent it auto connecting. Is there ever a case when a user would want client mode in Wlan1?,
  7. I've noticed a trend where residences are now more secure than a lot of corps. (small businesses I should state and not large ones). Residences will leave the default WIFI password that came on the router, alot of the time this is on a sticker on the bottom of the device and will be 10+ chars in mix of upper lower and numbers, Small Corps will change this default WIFI password for ease of use for their staff, so something like businessname+random number (or even just businessname) also the buinessname is usually also the SSID name :-) However on the counter side the admin account to access the router settings once on network is usually left as default on residences while it is changed on Corps. So Corp easier to crack WIFI password , and Residences easier to get access to admin panel of Wifi Access point.
  8. Does it connect if you tether via your phone?, AFAIK there are no drivers included in the pineapple for external WIFI cards, so plugging in an external card for client mode won't work, Network sharing should work just fine. Darren posted a couple of videos on how to set up the pineapple one for Android and the other for Linux = http://www.wifipineapple.com/nano
  9. I think the current plan is to move the MK5 to the same software platform as a MK6 , however no date has been given for when this will occur. So I doubt any new firmware releases will happen and the team will instead focus on the move from MK5 software platform to the MK6 software platform. (new API, modules instead of infusions and new UI for web etc) Not sure if any of that would that will fix your reboots.
  10. +1 to other posts , would much rather wait for a "tweaked" product that performs better than one that performs less than expected. I still have the Nano to play with anyway :-)
  11. Firstly amazing change from the MK5 all positive improvements. so much easier to use and loving the new interface, much easier to set up PineAP and get basic set up running. Congrats to the team. Improvements (only 3 I can think of) 1) Possible faulty MicroUSB cable? (or just not supported) I plugged in the cable that came with the Nano and tether option was greyed out with the message that "No USB Connected", if my cable wasn't faulty and was not supported then the whole tethering issue could be a big pain for the team. The thing that led me to believe that the cable might be at fault was that I was sure that I had USB tethered my device which is a OnePlusOne before. So I switched to the cable that came with the phone (Red Flat USB Cable) and voila USB tethering just fine, so my device was not playing nice with the cable that came with the Nano, I write this as advice for people to try other cables, before giving up on tethering. By the way I'm running CyanoGenMod 12.1 I have a couple of OnePlus Ones in the house so my next project will be to install NetHunter over the holidays. 2) Next the part about blue light being static after flashing, mine was static but would give a tiny flash every 10 seconds or so, so I waited about 15-20 minutes just to be sure. my point is that a future improvement would be different colored LED to signify different statuses, or fixing issue in software but actually having the page refresh as the text states (once a successful flash has been detected) 3) And lastly an improvement would be some way to notify the user that the radios have been disabled / enabled when pressing the reset button once. Sure the feedback from the reset button is quite good , however again different led color or flash pattern to let the user know. this way they could tell the device has registered there actions. All small things , but thought they might come in handy for the team as user feedback or users going through set up for the first time.
  12. Cheapest way would be a cloud service, Azure or EC2 most likely, Rent the time and processing power you need and scale up and down at will, or albeit very naughty rent a botnet and use the "latent cpu cycles" to crunch the numbers. If you wanted to have your own set up and have the "learning experience" of doing it yourself then, I would most likely go for the PS3 (Version 1) in an array and use the YellowDog distro which was released for it. Finding those machines would now be hard, but I think this is the most cost effective as old PS3's can be picked up for less than $150 on ebay, so you could set up 10 of them in an array and this would provide a nice set up for large number crunching. IBM's CBM Cell processor in the PS3 was a mini super computer chip, There are many articles online about universities and even the US military playing with large numbers of PS3's to make "cheap" < $100K super computers. $1500 will not build a super computer but its now most likely the cheapest bang for buck, However those machines crunching hashes would push your electricity bill up , but you'd never have to turn on the heating again , so that might offset the lecky bill :-)
  13. No nothing to lose, I think its a legal thing where Hak5 team are unable to sell as a "retail" device until certified, A similar analogy would be slimming pills which are sold and state something similar to "*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. " So the device is being sold as a debug/developer device and performance/radio stability can't be claimed to be 100% certified to work until testing by FCC (I guess its FCC or CE for Europe?). Remember though that the team have had test devices most likely in their offices for months , so I'm sure they will work as currently advertised.
  14. Also just ordered, interested to see how it differs from the MK5 , or how it plays alongside the MK5. Love the fact we now have a mobile app. (maybe there should also be an OTG cable also that comes with the new device), also what is a "Morale patch" ? Lastly what is it that I see plugged into the battery that comes with the tactical kit?
  15. I'm surprised that no, one mentioned regular expressions (Regex) , Parsing is what it was created for. The below code will match your text in 18 chars. (?<=">).*?(?=</w>) you may need to escape special chars deepening on the language you are coding in. Explanation of code below. () are groupings Inside first grouping we have ?<= which means match prefix but exclude it from returned results. We then have "> this is the end of the XML tag before the ID is returned. I then have a wildcard match .*? which means Match any character any number of repetitions , match as few as possible another group () and inside that group I have ?= which means match suffix and don't return matched results. I searching to match on </w> the end tag in your XML So I'm saying match anything between "> and </w> and don't return the matches or anything on either side of those matches, just whats inbetween Hope it helps.
  16. RT @hopperacademy: Hello World. We're the 1st women's engineering school where you only pay tuition after securing a job. #Coding to close …

  17. RT @The__Tactician: Maybe y’all should sit this one out RT @Redskins: Wishing you and your family a Happy #Thanksgiving. https://t.co/FL6C…

  18. Hack disclosure page is vulnerable to XSS , #xss https://t.co/oH7ljF1X3K Tested in IE , Mouseover XSS text @HiltonWorldwide #HiltonHack

  19. Yes on the new design the antenna look like they on opposite of the box, one on the towards the top left and one towards the bottom right rather than just left and right like before. I'm hoping that those lines are for cooling as what ever it is has a nice beefy spec, that would be great however I doubt it. While I wish it was an add-on , As the old pineapples are out of stock I'm sure its a replacement rather than an add-on enhancement device.
  20. If it's a Mk6 then I for one would be disappointed, At release time I remember mentioning that the Mk5 was already beaten by Nokia devices and very shortly after by Apple devices. Don't worry we have something in the works was the response. I remember them even giggling about their awesome workaround that was in the works and due for announcement at Blackhat a year or 2 back, Well it never came, (I think it was in a Wifi-PineApple hangout video however I cant find it now) As the posts above state most of our pineapples are either collecting dust or they are being used for other things than they were created for. At the moment mine is about as much use as a ReaverII (great for monitoring networks but not too much else). Lets hope they actually have a new attack vector like was promised or at least something interesting (which uses existing serial heads to link the 2 devices). Looking forward to whatever they have, fingers crossed.
  21. Thanks Cooper works a charm, Seems strange that I have to rely on google's Search Cache for searching for posts that "exist" on the server still. Maybe its to keep the search results down to "fresh" recently commented threads?
  22. I receive a email from @LastPass that my data is stolen, I go to their page and its not good news https://t.co/TYbXJ4jSaP #xss #DominatorPro

  23. Been a member for a while (mostly follower rather than large poster) So I've made 8 posts according to my profile and this is about right, however when I click to view them only one post appears. How can I view the other 7, (appearing post is about EtherCap) Just wonder if there has been a forum content purge?
  24. This sounds legit, however the security types are different, So virtually all of the ones listed normally have WPA2 enabled, and the PineApple lists them as open, so I would imagine they should be detected as differing networks, however I'm not sure, and your theory could hold true.
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