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  1. Firstly amazing change from the MK5 all positive improvements. so much easier to use and loving the new interface, much easier to set up PineAP and get basic set up running. Congrats to the team.

    Improvements (only 3 I can think of)

    1) Possible faulty MicroUSB cable? (or just not supported) I plugged in the cable that came with the Nano and tether option was greyed out with the message that "No USB Connected", if my cable wasn't faulty and was not supported then the whole tethering issue could be a big pain for the team.

    The thing that led me to believe that the cable might be at fault was that I was sure that I had USB tethered my device which is a OnePlusOne before.

    So I switched to the cable that came with the phone (Red Flat USB Cable) and voila USB tethering just fine, so my device was not playing nice with the cable that came with the Nano, I write this as advice for people to try other cables, before giving up on tethering.

    By the way I'm running CyanoGenMod 12.1

    I have a couple of OnePlus Ones in the house so my next project will be to install NetHunter over the holidays.

    2) Next the part about blue light being static after flashing, mine was static but would give a tiny flash every 10 seconds or so, so I waited about 15-20 minutes just to be sure. my point is that a future improvement would be different colored LED to signify different statuses, or fixing issue in software but actually having the page refresh as the text states (once a successful flash has been detected)

    3) And lastly an improvement would be some way to notify the user that the radios have been disabled / enabled when pressing the reset button once. Sure the feedback from the reset button is quite good , however again different led color or flash pattern to let the user know. this way they could tell the device has registered there actions.

    All small things , but thought they might come in handy for the team as user feedback or users going through set up for the first time.

  2. r3g3x, on 18 Dec 2015 - 12:20 PM, said:

    If we are not developers but want to help vet code and hang with the cool kids on the bleeding edge, we really loose nothing by buying now. Or put another way, we don't gain anything but waiting to but until its certified. Thanks - I'll stop pestering with questions. I am really excited about playing with the NANO.


    No nothing to lose,

    I think its a legal thing where Hak5 team are unable to sell as a "retail" device until certified,

    A similar analogy would be slimming pills which are sold and state something similar to

    "*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. "

    So the device is being sold as a debug/developer device and performance/radio stability can't be claimed to be 100% certified to work until testing by FCC (I guess its FCC or CE for Europe?).

    Remember though that the team have had test devices most likely in their offices for months , so I'm sure they will work as currently advertised.

  3. Also just ordered, interested to see how it differs from the MK5 , or how it plays alongside the MK5.

    Love the fact we now have a mobile app. (maybe there should also be an OTG cable also that comes with the new device), also what is a "Morale patch" ?

    Lastly what is it that I see plugged into the battery that comes with the tactical kit?

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