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  1. @tstationblog @Skype Hey dude just seen your tweet , Glad to see we're making a difference :-)

  2. @WisecWisec @DOMXss looking forward to this. Great work and looking to be a nice improvement on an already solid tool.

  3. In reply to the OP I'll send you a Skype contact request thats if you still need help. As for something to grep for interesting information in traffic you should look for the module called grep :-)
  4. thanks for the clarification Seb, Can you or Whistle Master please post in this thread when the fix is ready, as I would rather wait for a working version than go through install and await a new patch or fixed version. :-)
  5. It should be working from what you have posted above. I also use log-manager to see all logs as I find it easier than using the mods themselves.
  6. Use Br-Lan (can also be seen in the screenshot - posted by Whistle Master above) I have used this with my mobile device acting as clientmode (meaning the tetra/nano got outside internet access via mobile device tethered), I rarely use any of the Tetra/Nano radios as client mode. that way I can use PineAp and also all of the modules without losing any functionality.
  7. Just wanted to say this I love this mod, while its simple in what it does. Its the one I use the most (obviously other mods are running which are logging) however the logmanager is my goto page on the new V6 devices.
  8. I found my issue with stability is power related and I can keep the device slightly more stable if I don't run nGrep or UrlSnarf. So lighter load on the device the more stable. Seems to match what Darren said in previous threads, I'm going to purchase another battery to test with 2 plugged in. UrlSnarf will kill the redlight on the device (mon mode I think) right away.
  9. If I'm reading right you are using 3 power bricks?, 2 on the Y cable into UART socket and another into the Eth socket ?
  10. I'm running my device from a USB power source (battery for charging), and every 3-5 mins the red light will turn off and the device get into an unstable state. I'm guessing its due to power draw on the device being too much for my power brick. I'm using the LimeAid Blast L180X (1800mAh) with 3.1Amps and 10V total output. So when using both USB ports I'm giving my device 3.1Amps (2.1port1 1.0port2) and 10V (5V from each port) I know the Tetra needs 12V and 1.5Amps, So I was wondering if my powerbrick should work, or do I need to find a new solution?, I'm wondering what everone else is using for Tetra mobile (besides a Nano? :-)) My only next hope is to try and use something like my LegionMeter , however not sure just pumping more wattage/mAh will do the trick
  11. RT @somelaniesaid: In order to make better testing tools, we'd like to know how you test sites in Microsoft Edge: https://t.co/l5fDJOPPiN

  12. Okay so still looking for some kind of support on this. When I run tick the 3 options for logging at the top of PineAP I receive nothing logged. Only time anything is logged is if the phone connected to the device connects via wifi (then it picks up a couple of SSIDS) , However it has never detected external SSIDs or clients. I've sent emails to support@hak5.org and also Darren, however after about 7 emails sent no reply, except to provide output of log file which I have done over a week ago, I also raised a bug. = https://www.wifipineapple.com/?portal&bugs&action=view&id=378 A little bit of support back from the Hak5 guys would be welcome , seeing as I have supported your guys over the years and have purchased a Tetra (obviously also a nano) and also long time Mk5 owner/user. . I just need to know from the team if I have a hardware issue needing a new device or a software issue which means I can wait for a new firmware.
  13. On the Nano you can use a mobile if you have signal strength from your provider where you are wanting to test from, or you can use the Alpha as you suggested.
  14. I have exactly the same issue, Recon can detect hundreds of clients all broadcasting yet PineAP never detects anything, I thought I had a faulty device however maybe a software bug I'm now thinking after your post. I raised a bug = https://www.wifipineapple.com/?portal&bugs&action=view&id=378 however your post above is actually a little more clean on the actual issue.
  15. No example attached in your post that I could see, My Nano has never "fully finished" a firmware update, it just gets stuck on the updating screen,. I also have issues with mine and like you have only been able do about 50% of what it should, (PineAP doesn't work) , It never logs sniffed networks , Recon works though and can detect networks , but PineAP will never log any. As for that screen I normally wait about 20-30 minutes just to be sure and then force a reboot and it appears to have upgraded. see my pic of the screen it gets stuck on when it starts an update.
  16. Yes testing on my own devices. I have tried all PineAp combinations and still nothing, also I shouldn't have to deauth as I purposely have my devices not connected to my main protected AP so they should be looking for any open AP they have saved. But the Nano never sees anything in PineAp mode. I did a great on my mk5 this morning and on that device PineAp works fine, just the Nano giving issues. I've also made sure that all filters are clear so I'm not just looking for a certain ssid or client but still no go. I'm looking for a list of commands that I would need to replicate the behavior of PineAp as my guess is that the ui is doing something strange or there is some type of race condition happening when scripted commands are sent.
  17. HI guys I have a Nano that has never "fully" worked, previously I put this down to the firmware not being fully functional , however after 1.04 release I figured that it must be my device. I'll explain my issue. Its PineAP , I can never get SSIDs to show (unless I manually connect to an accesspoint) , it should be picking up AP's which are being broadcasted by clients looking for connections, If I do a recon I can see about 20 SSID's and clients , but nothing is logged in PineAP (nothing at all) And as it can't get SSID's it never broadcasts any and as it never broadcasts any I can never get connections , unless I manually connect to the AP which I have set on the Nano. My Recon mode works really well. No issues there However under PineAP I want to just scan all devices close by, and log SSID's and then broadcast. Are there any commands that I can run once I SSH into the Nano to check all is functioning okay. Also I should note that I pressed the button to change Wlan1 to a random Mac address (not sure if this broke the Nano PineAP functionality) I've done about 4 factory resets and all still not working as it should, PS I have a MK5 so I know the basics of how PineAP mode should work and what to expect is returned. Thanks in advance
  18. Hi Darren, I saw in the latest video the nice setup with the amps, I have a couple of questions, 1. Do they require separate USB power (meaning 2 PineApple Juices) one for the Nano and another for the Amps or is the power from the Nano enough to power 2 Amps and the Nano? 2. Can you do a screen grab of the extra AccessPoints and also TX if possible with and without those installed. 3. Lastly do you have 8Dbi antenna for sale?, I can see any if you do
  19. Thanks for the work around , and I saw the latest video stating that 1.4 is going to be release in the next 24 hours, does this mean that this fix will make it to 1.4 or is it planned for 1.5?
  20. +1 exact same issue, I choose Wlan2 from the drop down and type in password for AP and it connects , once I refresh the page it's connected using WLAN1 , and on reset it auto connects using WLAN1 even if Wlan2 is available, Also disconnect doesn't work as it disconnects and just auto reconnects before I can ever get Wlan2 to connect, WLan1 reconnects too quick. I've had to change AP password to prevent it auto connecting. Is there ever a case when a user would want client mode in Wlan1?,
  21. I've noticed a trend where residences are now more secure than a lot of corps. (small businesses I should state and not large ones). Residences will leave the default WIFI password that came on the router, alot of the time this is on a sticker on the bottom of the device and will be 10+ chars in mix of upper lower and numbers, Small Corps will change this default WIFI password for ease of use for their staff, so something like businessname+random number (or even just businessname) also the buinessname is usually also the SSID name :-) However on the counter side the admin account to access the router settings once on network is usually left as default on residences while it is changed on Corps. So Corp easier to crack WIFI password , and Residences easier to get access to admin panel of Wifi Access point.
  22. Does it connect if you tether via your phone?, AFAIK there are no drivers included in the pineapple for external WIFI cards, so plugging in an external card for client mode won't work, Network sharing should work just fine. Darren posted a couple of videos on how to set up the pineapple one for Android and the other for Linux = http://www.wifipineapple.com/nano
  23. +1 to other posts , would much rather wait for a "tweaked" product that performs better than one that performs less than expected. I still have the Nano to play with anyway :-)
  24. Firstly amazing change from the MK5 all positive improvements. so much easier to use and loving the new interface, much easier to set up PineAP and get basic set up running. Congrats to the team. Improvements (only 3 I can think of) 1) Possible faulty MicroUSB cable? (or just not supported) I plugged in the cable that came with the Nano and tether option was greyed out with the message that "No USB Connected", if my cable wasn't faulty and was not supported then the whole tethering issue could be a big pain for the team. The thing that led me to believe that the cable might be at fault was that I was sure that I had USB tethered my device which is a OnePlusOne before. So I switched to the cable that came with the phone (Red Flat USB Cable) and voila USB tethering just fine, so my device was not playing nice with the cable that came with the Nano, I write this as advice for people to try other cables, before giving up on tethering. By the way I'm running CyanoGenMod 12.1 I have a couple of OnePlus Ones in the house so my next project will be to install NetHunter over the holidays. 2) Next the part about blue light being static after flashing, mine was static but would give a tiny flash every 10 seconds or so, so I waited about 15-20 minutes just to be sure. my point is that a future improvement would be different colored LED to signify different statuses, or fixing issue in software but actually having the page refresh as the text states (once a successful flash has been detected) 3) And lastly an improvement would be some way to notify the user that the radios have been disabled / enabled when pressing the reset button once. Sure the feedback from the reset button is quite good , however again different led color or flash pattern to let the user know. this way they could tell the device has registered there actions. All small things , but thought they might come in handy for the team as user feedback or users going through set up for the first time.
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