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  1. @smartthings @nvidiashield Thanks for the clarification

  2. @Random_Robbie Good work ,

  3. All the ones I mentioned could all be BS domains :-) The Squirrel is the only one we know is real.
  4. See my post here about other possible items, While nothing is confirmed by the team, these are registered by Darren. However, it should be noted that only the PacketSquirrel.com domain has any content. The others all give errors. Also even if those were the names of new tools, a name still gives us nothing about how the tool carries out its attack or what it can do to aid pivoting. Except maybe the way it connects for example USBLadyBug = USB device attack meaning physical access to device under test will be needed ScreenCrab = No idea on attack style but it seems like it could be a remote screen grabbing tool (I've no idea how this could work if it was that) USBBoomStick = again USB in name so suppose another tool needing physical access Only about 2 days to go
  5. Okay cool, thanks for the clarification
  6. Darren confirmed that 3 devices are going to be released on Friday. - Packet Squirrel just seems to be one of them (unless there are 2 versions of the squirrel - like the Nano and Tetra are 2 versions of the same tool). Anyway looking forward. Still no pre-order, Seems I'm going to have to be okay with ordering on the unveiling, just hope the team can ship quickly. (otherwise, I can always play when I get back from my trip)
  7. @sxcurity Yes that's it, thanks

  8. Any chance of setting up preorders (yes I know we don't know what it is yet, but I would still purchase from my previous good experience with Hak5 stuff), Gotta say only a couple of companies I know of have such a loyal following that people will buy their stuff without even knowing fully what it is. (Hak5 and Tesla are the only 2 that comes to mind). I ask about pre-order as I'm leaving the country for a few weeks around the start of November and would love to play with new toys on my break. Not sure if it would get here in time if I were to order on release date. Also while this looks nothing like the picture I would love something like this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1m-GPS-Positioning-Pick-up-Line-Tracker-Remote-Tracking-Cable-GIM-Answer-Monitor-USB-Charging-Data/32813314360.html?trace=msiteDetail2pcDetail or a better one on Amazon handles both IOS and Android devices = https://www.amazon.com/Tracker-Vehicles-Charger-Tracking-Device/dp/B0719692ST/ But have it instead take over the network of whatever device it's plugged into. So it looks like a normal USB cable but has LTE or 3G and can assume default network device. Would obviously work on PC/Mac/Android and IOS as main candidates. (just dropping ideas :-) Only thing not sure about if it needs a network controller chip at both ends in case it's plugged from PC to Phone (log + take over both networks and have full End-2-End device control), Anyway I await the 20th and the new devices (Plural - WhoooHooo)
  9. Remember to say to yourself that this is just a moment and it will pass. Now may seem dark and gray but it will pa… https://t.co/FeUw2pNNUf

  10. @troyhunt Tipple Wammy :-(

  11. Yeah, Seb mentioned that he was going to release something at one point https://forums.hak5.org/topic/40215-pineapple-core/ and also see However, from the discussion, it does seem that the Bunny does take the place of the often mentioned PineApple Core. (meaning that the Squirrel most likely isn't that either).where Seb mentioned an "officail solution soon" So there goes my 2 guesses. :-) Not long now, let's hope they get the location confirmed and then we'll have a hard and fast date to look forward to.
  12. Dude I think you need to chill a little, My post was actually a fun one, (or that's what I was aiming for) and the registration for all those domains are by Darren Kitchen AKA Aardwolf (hence the Aardwolf Ambulance firmware in PineApples), so to throw your comment back to you, Anyway to be a little more constructive my guess for the Squirrel is a 3G/Bluetooth network tap, that can be installed inline with physical access and controlled from a nearby over Bluetooth or distant over 3g mobile device - Have I just described the new LanTurtle 3G?. Really would like it to be a PineApple add on Hardware piece (I'm sure the BashBunny can do that , I've just not seen it heavily used like that)
  13. Ummm, I'm actually more interested in the KeyCroc, ScreenCrab, USBBoomStick and the USBLadyBug AFAIK nothing has been announced about these if they are actually newly planned products :-) Remembering that the USBRubber Ducky was in planning for about 8 years I think Darren said. Mods Feel free to edit/remove parts of my post if it contains anything that shouldn't be public yet.
  14. @SymbianSyMoh Here's another https://t.co/P9QIYRkntZ

  15. @indi303 @SteveD3 @nite0wl @ladymerlin @dontlook Sparrows is fairly decent , with good quality locks for learning (… https://t.co/lP9TB9jPvx

  16. +1 for Google Security team who 3 times now have closed my security holes before I got a chance to report them (damn they are quick)

  17. @disclosedh1 Mouse Over in Opera Browser will still show Ebay rather than the punycode URL - However this is a brow… https://t.co/up8KvvxbbJ

  18. @teroalhonen Windows Team PM, How can we reduce the number of blue screen error Windows Team Dev, Leave it to me ey… https://t.co/K1TbtDURFt

  19. I've now been put in contact with them, Thanks to all who helped :-)

  20. @jcran @Viss @r00tninja @jeremiahg @michenriksen Tool completed , after a long while it came back with Wrote 545 ho… https://t.co/6AnrJPGewr

  21. @lukasco 'foo' + 'foo' //string plus string "foofoo" 'foo' + + 'foo'//string plus plus string? "fooNaN" '5' + - '2'… https://t.co/jVnDRDS02T

  22. It never goes through the upgrade process, just goes straight from green to blinking blue. I'll try and do a recovery **EDIT** All good after the recovery, device must have been in a weird state, for anyone else who gets same issue to fix, insert and pull it out as soon as the green light turns off (do this 3 times) on the 4th insert it will go into recovery mode. Once this is done remove the bunny (use the safe removal feature on windows) and then making sure that you have the file still in root insert the bunny again and it will flash the new firmware. As LVT mentioned above after the flash of new firmware you should have a text file called version.txt inside should be 1.1_228 PS LowValueTarget thanks for the help and advice above :-)
  23. is there a way to tell the version from within putty as I don't think my device is updating correctly? I'm thinking something like a version command which would show current firmware installed. My banner is currently Linux bunny 3.4.39 #130 SMP PREEMPT Fri Feb 10 14:24:25 CST 2017 armv7l _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ __ __ (\___/) | __ || _ || __|| | | | __ || | || | || | || | | (='.'=) | __ -|| ||__ || | | __ -|| | || | | || | | ||_ _| (")_(") |_____||__|__||_____||__|__| |_____||_____||_|___||_|___| |_| Bash Bunny by Hak5 USB Attack/Automation Platform
  24. I think the official launch date of BashBunny is 2nd March or at least that's when the launch party is scheduled for , so I would expect the payloads repository to open in the next day or so
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