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  1. For me, starting a day or so ago, PJ will grab the first track perfectly, but stops working after that - it just displays that it is getting the track info and never saves any more tracks whether manually or via cruise control, even though it does notice the changes in titles as pandora changes tracks.
  2. Not sure how this is working for anyone else, but for me disabling pandora.com scripts completely disables pandora. Fresh install of noscript. Flash blocking is not enabled. FF 2.0, flash 8, etc. It leaves a blank flash page in it's place (says "Movie not loaded...") I'm trying this because I had managed to get PJ working, but for the past day or so, it only rips the first song and stops working after that... so honestly this might not solve my problem, but I thought it was worth a shot.
  3. Thanks... I ended up getting it to work reliably with the two windows, here's how: Start new firefox, load localhost then pandora... it'll rip for quite a while. The localhost tab changes names etc as the pandora tab changes songs. From what I understand of how pandora works this isn't particularly odd, as it's just reading whatever temp files it can. When pj stops working eventually, firefox must be closed down and reopened, then it'll work for a while again. PJ might have to be restarted first if it's a socket error. The only problem with this is reload doesn't work, since it refreshes the PJ tab and not the tab with the working player. I did try clearing the cache & cookies, same result, and didn't try editing the file as from the sounds of it that'd just remove the player that's there (doing nothing). Hopefully sometime it'll 'just work'. As an aside, I couldn't get PJ to show up _at all_ in Minefield (nightly build of firefox). It threw some 404 type error. I had this problem a while back and am now using Firefox
  4. I did read that thread and unfortunately that's not the problem I'm having. The Pandora flash app does start... it just doesn't get to the second progress bar, where it says it's getting my personal info. The first progress bar completes and I'm left with a blank blue screen. If I read the other thread correctly, the problem there was some javascript hiding the flash frame when you don't meet the version requirements, which isn't happening to me. Thanks, though - I've read the topics on the first page but perhaps there's something else I have missed that might be of use. (EDIT: Just to be safe, I had tried that fix with one tab open to pandora and one to localhost, and pandora's site worked fine everytime). (EDIT EDIT: I apparently can save using PJ when Pandora is running in it's own window... odd, but I won't complain) (EDIT 3: Can't get that to work again unfortunately... it had the blank Pandora flash app in PJ and a normal Pandora in another tab, but unfortunately PJ no longer detects the songs from that Pandora... I did get probably 20 songs or so that downloaded perfectly, so I'm not sure why it'd start / stop working this way)
  5. Hi, first time user here. I downloaded the latest version from the n00b guide. I had flash v 9 and eventually noticed that it would only work with 8, and just got that fixed. However, with flash 8, I can load pandora's player on their website but not in PJ - in PJ, it shows "Please wait, Pandora is loading" progress bar but never gets beyond that. Any ideas?
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