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  1. Thank you so for a reply Sebkinne. I have tried as you suggested with no luck. Cheers, idiocracy2
  2. No I can't. No matter what mode I put the Pineapple in my laptop doesn't see any device connected to the Ethernet port. Just to note when plug my Pineapple in I immediately get a solid green light. I do not get any other lights flashing stating that it is booting up or doing something else.
  3. I seem to have bricked the unbrickable? I got my Pineapple a little while ago and it was working just fine for the first little bit. Then after unplugging it one night the next day it wouldn't boot back up. All I am getting for lights on it is a solid green light none of the other lights turn on. I have tried using the dip switches to either reset the system defaults of to get into the recovery web interface. But once again all I get is the solid green light on the Pineapple. I have also tried powering the Pineapple with the pineapple juice battery that I just received to see if the issue was
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