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  1. That's what I thought! Mine is missing the button, I called it a bit of solder earlier, but it looks like it's just the contact underneath what you highlighted. http://postimg.org/image/a7vqbnyqd/ Hmm. I don't know if it came off in the packaging or what, I just got it a couple days ago and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a little rubber button floating around. Any way to get a new one of those? And what about the brief flash of the led? I kept repeatedly inserting it, and found out sometimes it would flash green, but only if there was an SD card in it and then it would always flash for maybe a few tenths of a second and then do nothing else. Without a card, it does nothing. The inject.bin is set to sleep for 10 seconds off the bat, so I would expect to see some behavior after 10 seconds but there's nothing,
  2. Thanks for your response, all I see is what looks like a bit of solder for the chip on the reverse side. Nothing that could be physically manipulated, as far as I can see. I don't have the best vision, but I would think a button wouldn't be so hard to find. There's just nothing there but the sd case, that bit of solder, and the USB connector. As for the SD card, it's fine, I have no trouble modifying the files with it in an adaptor hooked into my laptop. I can't find anything about a brief red flash, from what I can tell the LED should at least be either a solid red or green or blinking in some pattern. So the quick flash makes me think I should begin the returns process... still, I'm mystified that there's supposed to be a button. I wonder if I received an older model or something?
  3. Am I crazy, shouldn't there be a button on my ducky? That's not the only problem though, when I plug it into any computer if blinks red once and then does nothing at all. If there's no sd card in the ducky, it doesn't even blink. Is my ducky dead???
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