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  1. Instructions here https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30966-how-to-reset-mark-v-to-system-defaults/?fromsearch=1
  2. Hmm try follow the factory reset option. Involves putting two of the dip switches in an alternate position turning it on then restarting the pineapple like normal.
  3. there certainly are ways... sure that this is not the space to be asking..... perhaps one of the mods can clarify.
  4. I understand. Use both, YouTube for continued funding, vimeo for what YouTube rejects.. Just an idea.
  5. youtube is for children.. may i recommend https://vimeo.com
  6. well i certainly understand that. :) this i did not know. as always Seb in with the quick response. (i think he is a non-sleeping robot....
  7. given that you can install every infusion plus tons more on the supplied sd card i am wondering why you would want to waste the usb port in such a fashion? now, the only thing i can think of quickly would be to check how the usb stick is formated, i believe it needs to be ext4 (edit for rather bad typo)
  8. hehe i think i was previously running into his problem.
  9. woot! is now working without any problems. thanks for the update.
  10. i am nearly 100% positive that the thread refers to the 6800 and the 8800 is a typo.
  11. Infusion files are there.... Not so much with the being installed. I think i recall somebody telling how they got around this in another thread.
  12. no hate from me, just a listing of my findings.
  13. During my recent battery testing rounds i also was looking at the temps. On average i was running both radios and the processor at or above 50% capacity for full eight to nine hours. For both test i had the pineapple in an enclosed bag with little to no circulation. The temps were never more then slightly warm..... My three cents....
  14. i have done some testing of the 6800. firstly, the test. i decide to take the simple rout, i set up two cron jobs, one to update a uptime log file every five minutes the other to calculate Pi to 1000 places every three minutes. i also left both radios on. wlan1 i connected to my home router the and wlan0 i left broadcasting as an open ap. i also set up a shell to a aws instance i own so i could reverse shell back in to check up on the logs. i ran this test a total of two times, with full charges in between. the first test i did in two stages as i need the mark V for some actual work. first stage it had a three hour run on the battery, the second stage netted nearly six more hours for a total of about nine hours of uptime. the second test i ran over night at last look it was over eight hours... however when i went to check up on it after the battery died, upon boot using the wall power the log was missing data. i know the log was being written to as i had used the log to check at the eight hour mark. not sure what happened here. both time the battery was charged to full with three solid green lights that stayed solid for a good few hours after usage started. both times it took over 12 hours to get a full charge. not sure if i have a bad unit, i am expecting to much and my usage testing is to high or a combination of both. the boring stuff. the script for Pi (found online) #!/bin/bash pi() { export x=`echo "scale=$scale; 4 * a (1)" | bc -l` echo "$x" } if [ "$#" = "1" ] then scale="$1" echo `time pi` else echo "Usage: $0 #" fi the cron entry for generating the uptime log file */5 * * * * uptime >> sd/uplog.log the cron entry for calling picalc (what i named the script) */3 * * * * picalc >> /dev/null
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