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  1. Given that the MKV is described as having "support for [...] mesh networking capabilities", I'm curious exactly what mesh protocol it uses out-of-the-box. 802.11s? batman-adv? AODV? Or is it just ad-hoc? I ask because this is indeed a rare, if not only, device that includes two discrete radios onboard, which would be great for tuning to two non-overlapping channels simultaneously to establish mesh links. And with the addition of the USB port, perhaps even more channels? I'd love to be able to use a few of these devices to relay an Internet connection through the boonies (maybe with the aid of an external amp) when I'm not pentesting with them. It'd be great for stuff like Ingress ;)
  2. Kudos, btw, on not soldering down the RF shields. +1 for repairability should, gourd forbid, the device take an accidental bath. Much easier to dry out this way =)
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