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  1. ^ That's very similar to the script I am using but that only gives it a random mac address. We still have to: - randomize the hostname - execute both macchanger and hostname changer scripts at startup of the pineapple In other words an ideal script would randomize both the mac address and hostname at startup of the pineapple so when it's booted up it's random every single time.
  2. PROBLEM Smart system administrators can setup their IPS/IDS to detect, block and/or alert them at the precense of a pineapple within the area by simply setting up a rule to alert them when a pineapple mac address pops up anywhere on their network. WORKAROUND I have wrote a very clunky script that changes the hostname and mac address automatically on boot to but it's somewhat buggy at the moment and doesn't work every time. SOLUTION There are people here that are much smarter than myself and can do a much better job at writing scripts. Can someone here help the community out and write a simple script/infusion for the pineapple that automatically changes the hostname and mac address (macchanger) at every boot on the pineapple. Much appreciated.
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