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  1. or you can check out http://uni.wifipineapple.com for more help!
  2. is the computer on the same network! check your ip! should be 172.16.42.xx netmask dns
  3. I live in Europe (Sweden) also I have ordered a mark v and travel pack! delivered. why would customs stop your package? it's not forbidden to possess these electronic devices! duty only charge customs fee.
  4. when given a variety of data from different clients! would not it be great to be able to email the file when it has reached a certain size!! I thought as a possible proposal for an addition!
  5. haha now seems sslstrip and karma work! have done a test on my own system! my son got a greeting when he was in the wrong places!!?
  6. Has the pineapple the latest updates? may be that there have been new updates that you have not installed!
  7. sorry I meant what parts are bridge together! For example, RJ-45 and wlan0 or the wlan1?
  8. one thing to wiki! a description of all infusions like the karma description would be appreciated! and perhaps a description of the hardware.
  9. travel kit arrived today! my question is if it has to be dc power 12.6vdc 350.mA to charge the battery? or is fine with 12v 1A charger to charge the battery? I live in Sweden so the charger I received does not fit with our electrical outlets ....
  10. Bravo Seb nice work! I've done the last update! I did format the sd card, but when I installed the sd card update to see what was previously installed! so there were random role nmap evil portal! I had them uninstalled before the 1.0.1! this does not disturb me but kinda fun anyway! To find these remains! Thanks seb and all the others who work hard with everything!
  11. Chriswhat! Guides within mitm and various fun new things that mkv can handle! Would be appreciated very much.
  12. 1. Plug the charger into a wall outlet. 2. Plug the battery into the charger 3. Turn the battery on! Wait for it to charge
  13. haha! I thought wrong! clear that so it would be! When I had the unit connected to my network so it had a different ip thanks for the help
  14. Hey! A silly question! When I have flashed the unit and lights blink like when you did the first time .. is it ok to restart the device (unplug the power)? or it restarts by it self?
  15. I saw it! but I think it will be really fun! see the mark v growing from a seed to a stunning flower!
  16. I look forward WiFi Pineapple Wiki! to get started! the exciting and interesting journey we all have in front of us! http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/Main_Page :D :P
  17. then I have to buy an antenna so we are back on track! thanks chris
  18. WiFi Jammer When I turn on WiFi Jammer. it freezes both wlan0 and 1... It is not possible to connect via ethernet cable either. I need to disconnect the power. after this the unit works again. Anyone have any tips on what my problem might be?
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