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  1. I get this error message when I try reaver! I trying reaver on a dlink-655 identity request [!] WPS transaction failed (code: 0x02), re-trying last pin [+] Trying pin 12345670 is it that my ap is not wps active?
  2. lord mighty! looking forward to play with this
  3. what is the difference between MDK3 and aireplay-ng the ways in which they work?
  4. when using tcpdump! which port is best to use along with the mkv? should I use wlan0 or wlan1? to scan the traffic going through?
  5. Would be fun knowing what you use mkv most for? which infucions or other fun stuff you use?
  6. Hey Chris and Whistle master! I would like to learn more how to use ettercap! what the advantages and disadvantages it has? what infusions do you prefer to use?
  7. Thanks yabasoya! I will try this!
  8. I have a mobile broadband (4G) and an ADSL connection at home! mobile broadband, I take with me when I leave home and need internet access Is there any solution so that mkv remember the ap (wifi) it has been connected to ? so I do not set the ap password when the different wifi is available??
  9. hey! seems like my wlan1 has stopped to working! I've tried to press the Enable button but nothing happens! then in putty ifconfig wlan1 then this message ifconfig wlan1 ifconfig: wlan1: error fetching interface information: Device not found does anyone know what it might be the problem? or help me to get it going?! //Masler77
  10. the second method works for me!!
  11. try then try in web browser :D
  12. my advice watch http://uni.wifipineapple.com/ and check out the movie that fits! or did you forget to set the static ip?
  13. I can access my pineapple! when it is connected wirelessly to my router! then becomes assigned an ip as but not if you have a cable to the router, then you must have a static ip 172.16.42.Xx: 1471 on your PC!! but if I go wireless when you access it with 192.168.1.XX: 1471
  14. would love to get some hints where to learn more scripting! Also Love to see more videos to!
  15. thank you! this I knew from before. but this with br-lan and lo is completely new to me! br-lan, I can imagine is some sort of bridge!
  16. I'm pretty new to the linux world! someone who can explain where these different network devices do! what is br-Lan, Lo.? Wlan0, 1 and eth0 do I know .. but not the former network devices?! Thanks in advance!
  17. timezone setting disappears after switching between power outlet in the wall and the battery! (or just changeing the outlet to another room) time zone is reset! someone who has the same problem?
  18. masler77


    is there anyone who can explain how ettercap works? the different opportunities the program has? settings that can be used? thanks in advance masler77
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